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Lifehacks: Moving to a city in the summer


Moving in the summer can be a nightmare, with high broker fees and even higher temperatures. Plan for your summer move ahead of time. Consider these tips and alternative options.

Timing a summer move

Moving in the morning or later in the day when the temperature’s cooled down can make your move much easier. The days are longer with more daylight, but the temperature skyrockets in the middle of the day making your move uncomfortable and strenuous. By starting your move before 10 am, you can beat the heatwave of the day and have a smooth move.

Try to avoid holiday weekends (Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day) so that you don’t run into traffic going from point A to point B!

Hiring a moving team

Having a moving team can help minimize the time you spend moving boxes and mean a lot less heavy lifting on your part. Be sure to pack carefully. Some items won’t do well in the heat, as the truck can get extremely hot. Keep items such as candles and vinyl with you, so they don’t melt or get warped. If you’re moving with a large number of boxes or heavy items, hiring professionals is the way to go so that you can move all in one trip.

Stay cool + hydrated

Heat strokes are a real danger in the summer. The heat can be extreme making the move seem a lot more stressful than it needs to be. Have fans, cold drinks, and take breaks in air-conditioned spaces to make sure everyone is okay and energized. Find plenty of ways to stay hydrated during the move, and the day will go by much faster.

…or move into Common

At Common, the moves are always simple. All of our coliving homes are fully furnished with high-quality appliances and high-end furniture. Utilities and WiFi are set up before you move in, and your one all-inclusive rent covers free laundry, household supplies, and weekly cleaning.

Join Common — available in all major cities — and enjoy your 30-minute move-in and all of these amenities.

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