How renewing your lease works at Common


If a member has enjoyed their time living at Common, renewing their lease is always an option in their current home or transfer to a different one. To learn how the lease renewal process works, continue reading.

Renewing your lease at Common

Our customer success managers reach out 90 days prior to the end of a member’s lease term to discuss whether or not they’d like to renew their lease. In most states, they have up until 45 days before their lease ends to make a decision, but in California and Washington D.C, they have 30 days. If a member decides to renew (woohoo!), their customer success manager will work with our leasing team to generate a new lease. This process typically takes up to 5 days.

The lease renewing process, whether a member decides to stay with Common or not, is also a great opportunity for them to provide feedback on their experience with Common. It’s also the perfect time to discuss transferring buildings or even cities within Common’s network of homes.

If you’re a current member with questions about the leasing process, please reach out to your customer success manager.

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