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Top 5 essentials for any city


City life can get hectic, but with certain essentials, you’ll be able to find your zen and be prepared for any situation. Katrina has been living in the city for five years now, so she’s solidified her top five essentials in any city. Find out what they are here.

Want to know more about the home that Katrina’s in? Common Grand is our beautiful coliving home in Clinton Hill. It’s a historic rowhouse mansion that we renovated into a 23-bedroom coliving home.

Located on Grand Avenue in Clinton Hill, the home sits within the historic district of Clinton Hill. Large contemporary buildings, freestanding mansions, and revival-style row houses have distinguished the neighborhood since the 19th century. It was even listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

Inside the renovated Common Grand, you’ll find the original herringbone flooring on the parlor floor, extra large lights for the high and exposed ceilings, and intentional wood paneling and framing. Each architectural design detail was a conscious decision to highlight the authentic look and finishes of the historic home.

Common’s Director of Architecture Jenn Chang said, “There were relics asking to be preserved and things that you just can’t create from scratch today, like the color penny tiles in the entryway and the two decorative columns that approach the staircase.”

Take a free tour of Common Grand today.

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