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Treat yourself at the friendliest lifestyle boutique in Clinton Hill, Su’juk


This multi-faceted boutique sits in Clinton Hill, full of colorful racks of vintage clothing, gifts, statement accessories, beauty products, and home goods like incense and ceramic pots. Just a 5-minute walk away from Common Grand, Su’juk is your next go-to hair salon and vintage shop.

clinton hill su'juk

Born in Turkey, founder and curator Su Beyazit built this one-stop shop — called Su’juk — with her background in fashion and personal interest in vintage. Su explained her greatest inspirations and her love for the neighborhood.

Tell us about your background and how the boutique is cultivated with Mediterranean and Turkish influences.

I was born in Turkey and moved to the states after my parents split up, so I grew up spending my summers with my dad, and we would travel to various Mediterranean beach towns. It’s been a huge part of my life.

I started bringing things back from Turkey for Su’juk about 4 years ago. I really love the craftsmanship there. Every time I go I bring back a ton of rugs, textiles, towels, and jewelry. Alongside that, I also bring back things from Mexico and Morocco. Side note: I make a line of Su’juk Candles, all inspired by the Mediterranean coast.

clinton hill su'juk

What does Su’juk mean, and how did you decide on that name?

So Su’juks meaning is a little funny. In Turkish, you typically put “cuk” after a child’s name, which stands for “cute” or “my world.” My first name is Su- so when you add the -cuk, it also stands for “sausage.” It’s been my nickname forever, and I figured it would be fitting for the shop. I also changed it from “Sucuk” to “Su’juk” to make it more phonemic.

How did everyone at Su’juk come together as a team and bring to life the idea of a part hair salon and part lifestyle store?

We initially started off as a vintage shop, but in the summer of 2013, my friend Mei, who’s a very well known nail artist, did a nail pop up with us. I realized then how the beauty aspect complimented the shop so beautifully. At a similar time, I had another friend who was a hair colorist looking to branch out and work for herself. So we decided to collaborate and now I’ve taken the idea and made Su’juk into a full-service hair salon. We now have four stylists who are all incredibly talented.

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We saw that you host a wide range of events at Su’juk. Can you tell us more about those and certain ones that Common members might be interested in in the coming months?

Yes, we always love to throw a fun party! We host a few big events each year actually. We are well-known for our blow out anniversary parties and our Le Souk Holiday Market! We invite everyone from the neighborhood, so we suggest Common members come out. It’s usually a wide range of folks, from locals to friends from different boroughs. Its very fun and super-inclusive!

What can people expect to see when they walk into Su’juk? How do you hope they feel in this space?

Well, my main goal has always to be a place where everyone feels invited and at home. I have an amazing team of women that have really embodied our message of inclusivity. We want everyone to feel like they can come in feeling happier than when they arrived. A lot of feedback we get from the space is how welcoming and comfortable it is.

clinton hill su'juk

A typical weekend for us turns into an epic girl power hang. We all lift each other up and help problem solve issues we’ve had that week. Our customers love that energy and feel inclined to join in and share too. It’s pretty cool.

What’s one thing you’d like others to know about Clinton Hill?

When I first moved to Clinton Hill about 8 years ago, it didn’t have the buzz it has now. There were only a few spots open. But I remember thinking this neighborhood is super magical, which is why I took the risk of opening Su’juk there. Now everyone knows of the area, and it’s super coveted. I love that it’s still very neighborhood vibe and very friendly. Everyone takes care of each other, and our clients are truly the best!

clinton hill su'juk

What are your other favorite spots in Clinton Hill that you would recommend to Common Members?

Well, I just opened another location with my business partner, Nina Schwarz, called Relationships (not affiliated with Su’juk). We’re an art and design shop with a coffee bar. So I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for very good coffee and unique furniture. We also sell plants and small housewares. A few other of my favorite spots in the neighborhood would be The Finch, Speedy Romeo, Urban Vintage, Primrose, and  Market Mayflower.

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Su’juk is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from noon to 8 pm and on weekends from 11 am to 7 pm. Find them on Instagram or shop online. Give them some extra love from #mycommon.

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