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What is Coliving? The Complete Common Coliving Guide

Welcome to your one-stop hub for coliving. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on the following topics:

  • What is coliving?
  • Moving to a brand new city
  • Living with roommates
  • Designing a home

If you know anyone moving to a new city, apartment hunting, or even considering coliving, send this guide to them. It’ll save them a ton of time and headaches.

What is coliving?

Defining coliving

About Common

The coliving experience

Moving to a new city

Finding an apartment

How to move

Settling in

Living with roommates

Finding roommates

Roommate tips

Lessons from roommates

Designing a home

Modern design tips

Finishing touches

In the Know

A guide to moving to a city for the first time

Moving to a major city for the first time can be intimidating. Start with these beginner guides, and simplify your move with Common.

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