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What is Coliving? The Complete Common Coliving Guide

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Co-living is “city living made better” and “communal living made easier.” Coliving simplifies the process of finding a roommate, offers the cheapest places to live, and designs beautiful homes for convenience.

In the context of the urban housing crisis and developers in the real estate market, coliving is one of the best and most direct means to achieve optimal density, affordable housing, and an urban community in areas such as New York and the Bay Area.

Bookmark this guide for yourself, or, if you know anyone moving to a new city, apartment hunting, or even considering shared housing, send it to them! It’ll save them a ton of time and headaches.

What is coliving?

colivingWhat exactly is coliving? It’s a question we get asked all the time. In today’s sharing economy, young people — millennials, especially — have embraced the concept of sharing rides, experiences, and homes. Coliving simply makes this more accessible and convenient in major cities.

Unlike traditional apartments that lack essential amenities and a sense of community, coliving gives residents (we call them “members”) a private bedroom and allows them to share access to fully furnished living spaces, shared kitchens, and incredible amenities. On one hand, it seems pretty similar to your standard roommate situation (living with friends), and some even call coliving homes “adult dorms.” However, coliving offers so much more than that.

At Common, our homes are designed to facilitate the sharing of spatial and program operations of a home while eliminating the pain points of living with roommates. That means we provide everything from toilet paper to professional cleaning services — for free. Through smart architectural design, community event planning, and resident support, coliving at Common aims to make home sharing desirable and affordable for all types of residents all while creating new, diverse opportunities and a strong community.

Learn how Common makes the roommate experience in the city 100% easier, and find all the answers to all your questions about coliving below.

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Defining coliving

About coliving at Common


The coliving experience

Moving to a new city

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Moving to a new city away from your community can be scary, no matter how many exciting opportunities await you in your new home. There are plenty of obstacles to overcome. Not only do you have to find a place to live, but you also have to discover all the different areas, get used to the transportation system, and even make new friends.

Fifty percent of Common members are new to the city they live in. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, and they range from young professionals and digital nomads to entrepreneurs and social workers, with the median age being 29. One of our main missions at Common is to help create an intentional community among our residents. Though each of our members enjoys privacy in their private bedrooms, we also encourage them to share experiences. Whether that may be by cooking dinner together in the kitchen or attending a free community event, members are always invited (but never obliged) to spend time together and build a sense of community.

Interested in learning about the fine print (How much should you be spending on rent?) or just want to learn about the best restaurants in the areas around you? The articles under this category have you covered. We’ve compiled our best tips for getting settled and finding like-minded people below.

Move to a city.

Finding an apartment


How to move


Settling in

Living with roommates

roommates in a kitchen

Living with roommates is a great way to save money and build community in a big city, but it comes with its own set of unique challenges. First things first, how do you find them if you don’t have friends yet in the city? And then, once you’ve moved in, how do you navigate things like cleaning, overnight guests, and shared resources?

We’ve created the following articles to guide you through every aspect of living with roommates.

Find my roommate.

Finding roommates



Roommate tips


Lessons from living with roommates

Designing a home

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You’ve moved into a new home! Congrats! The next step? Decorating your space and transforming it into your own living oasis. There’s no wrong way to choose decor — your style is completely up to what makes you feel comfortable at home. But starting that process is daunting, and sometimes expensive. That’s why at Common, your home — including your private bedroom — comes fully furnished and shared spaces — including the kitchen — come fully stocked, so you just need to make the finishing touches.

Keep reading to discover our favorite decor tips, tricks, and hacks. Common’s own Head of Design and Construction Sophie Wilkinson even shares her favorite design tips for shared community spaces.

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Modern design tips


Finishing touches

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