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What is the application process like for Common?


The application process at Common is easy, and most of it can be done online or virtually. Read on for a break down of each step in the application process.

Let us know what you’re looking for

What city are you looking to live in? What’s your budget? When do you want to move in? Applicants can provide us with all this information through our website, along with their email and phone number. We match applicants to the available homes that fit their criteria and then schedule a call between them and one of our leasing agents.

Take a tour

If an applicant is interested in seeing a space, they can schedule a tour of their preferred home — either in person or virtually.

Apply for a lease

There are several steps to applying for a lease at Common. We’ve explained them below, but our leasing managers are always available to answer any additional questions during the process.


Applicants pay a non-refundable application fee that takes their room off the market. For move-ins within the next 30 days, this fee will be $300, and for move-ins 30 or more days out, this will be $600. If the application is approved, and the applicant moves forward with the lease, this fee will be applied to their rent.

When the applicant gets closer to their move-in date, they’ll pay the full first month’s rent and a non-refundable security deposit, which will be applied to their second month’s rent.

Background and financial checks:

One of our leasing administrators will send an email to the applicant requesting financial information and submission for a criminal background check. A soft credit check will also be conducted, as to not hurt your credit score. To be eligible to live at Common, applicants must make 40x the monthly rent in yearly income.

If applicants don’t have a SSN to provide for a background check, they can also provide us with a visa or passport number. Background checks take on average 1 day to complete.

If an applicant is applying from outside of the United States and does not have credit within the country, they make speak to a leasing agent at Common about alternative options.


Once the applicant is approved, the applicant will receive the lease and membership agreements and will have 48 hours to review and sign the documents as well as pay the security deposit and first full month’s rent.

The on-boarding email will have a unique link that takes them to Common’s site so that they can sign their membership and license agreements, and set up their payment information. A US bank account is needed for the monthly ACH bank transfer (international members can use a credit card for a 2.9% fee). Although we vastly prefer digital methods of payment, we can also accept check or even cash where the law requires.

Moving into Common

Once the applicant’s application has been accepted, and they’ve paid the necessary fees, they’re all set to move in on their move-in date. For more information on that process, please visit our blog post here.

Take a free tour of our beautiful coliving homes today, and start the leasing process.

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