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3 Tips for Moving to Los Angeles


Maybe you’re planning on moving to L.A. — after-all, endless sunshine and palm trees sounds pretty nice, right? Or maybe you already live in L.A. but haven’t quite settled in, or are looking for advice on how to make the most out of the city. Either way, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover our tips for moving to Los Angeles!

1. Prepare yourself for traffic

If you’re used to living in a less densely populated city, or if you’re coming from a place that has great public transportation, the traffic in L.A. might come as a very frustrating surprise. Before you move, download a traffic app like Ways that can tell you which routes are the most congested, and always give yourself extra time to get to a destination. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few audiobooks or favorite podcasts on hand, because while there’s no way to totally avoid traffic in Los Angeles, you can at least make the most of it.

2. Find a neighborhood that you love and that’s close to where you work

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Not keen on endless traffic? Live in a neighborhood that you love AND that’s convenient for you. Finding an apartment that’s in an area where you work, go out, and relax, is like hitting the jackpot in Los Angeles. Not only will you significantly reduce the amount of traffic you’re in, but it will make those weekend trips to other neighborhoods feel a lot more like adventures, and less like you’re just reliving a stressful commute. Luckily, Common has homes in some of L.A’s coolest neighborhoods: Marina del ReyMelrose, and Larchmont Village — with many more opening across the city soon!

3. Take advantage of L.A’s size and sprawl

Yes, Los Angeles’ size might be the reason for its crazy traffic, but it’s also what makes all those aforementioned adventures possible! You can spend an entire day at the beach in Santa Monica, or feel like a true urban explorer Downtown. Want a bit of nature? You can go hiking in the Hollywood Hills, or unwind at The Huntington Library. Just because you live in one neighborhood, doesn’t mean you can’t experience all the city has to offer.


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