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3 Tips for Moving to New York City

We’ll be honest: moving to New York City can be overwhelming; there’s a lot to learn, explore, and discover, even after you get settled in. And if you ask anyone about their tips for moving to NYC, you’ll probably hear a ton of different advice, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top three tips. Keep reading to discover what you need to know before you move to New York City.

1. Know the real estate landscape

No, this doesn’t mean you have to get familiar with the city’s top developers or understand the history of the SRO (although it is pretty interesting!). What this boils down to is realizing how apartment hunting works in New York, and what that means for your own search. Finding an apartment in NYC is super fast and competitive. Even if you’re moving from out of town, most apartments don’t start renting until a month before your move-in date. So, if you’re moving to NYC for the first time, it’s wise to either stay with a friend before your official move while you apartment search or rent an apartment from a company that allows you to do the entire process online. At Common, you can tour your apartment via a 3D Matterport, or even FaceTime! Apartments also go fast. If you find a place you love, make an offer quickly, because chances are someone else loves it, too. One of the best tips to get you through the process: don’t be discouraged if your offer is passed over — there’s plenty of apartments in NYC, and Common is opening new homes almost every month.

2. Educate yourself on public transport before you arrive

New York City has 27 subway lines that service 472 stations, and if you’re not careful, you could end up a little lost your first few days. Before moving, enter your address into Google maps or a similar program, and find the closest trains. Once you determine which subway stop is closest to you, start mapping the routes to your most traveled locations, like your office or even a restaurant you’re dying to try your first weekend. Pay attention to delays and scheduled work, too! For example, some trains don’t run on weekends, and some trains run express on weekdays. If you’re more confident about where you’re going when you finally arrive in the city, you’ll be able to better take in your surroundings and enjoy them, instead of stressing about where to go.

3. Once you arrive, explore the city by neighborhood

New York City is known for its cultural diversity, and each neighborhood and every borough has a distinct feel and flavor. The best way to get to know the whole city is to break it down piece by piece. Instead of spending a Saturday going to that museum uptown, and that dim sum spot downtown, and that new coffee shop in the West Village, pick a neighborhood and spend your day there. Trust us, there’s plenty to explore within a few square blocks, and you won’t waste time on the subway or bus. Plus, the next time you’re in the area, you’ll have plenty of spots in mind to visit again.

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In addition to these tips, the easiest way to move to New York City is to move into a Common home. At Common, you can apply, tour, and sign a lease online. You’ll move into a fully furnished apartment that has all your household needs, awesome amenities, and access to community events that will help you discover the city. Head to our New York City landing page to explore our open homes and request a tour.

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