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Moving to and within the city can be a hassle. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, packing up all your things and relocating can be challenging, and sometimes help is appreciated. For your convenience, here are the best services, companies, and tips to make your move as easy as possible.

Van Moving Services

Unlike companies with trucks and fluctuating costs, van prices are standard and usually more cost-efficient. These businesses may not provide as many services as traditional truck movers, but Man With a Van and United Van Lines are great options for an efficient experience.

Traditional Truck Moving Companies

Truck moving companies are an alternative to van movers. The minimum cost would likely cost you around $400, though it depends on the city and supplies you order. Some of these companies require you to submit a detailed inventory or schedule a house call before giving you a quote. Find some amazing options for truck moving companies listed below:

Rabbit Movers

This company specializes in moving art with minimal furniture, perfect for people with small studios. The more art you have or the larger your pieces are the higher the cost of their services.

Dumbo Moving

This company started in 2007 in Dumbo, Brooklyn. They will move you across the city and nationwide with their long-distance services. If you can’t move right away, they also provide storage. They have reusable boxes available for you to use so that your move is sustainable, charging a flat rate by the item.

Clean Cut Moving

Clean Cut has provided local and long-distance moves within the Tri-State area. With flat rates and hourly prices, you have options for your costs. Prices are broken down by the size of your apartment.

FlatRate Moving

Expect a flat-rate fee. This fee includes packing your items, wrapping furniture, and more, starting at $500. With their app, you can track your truck, rate your movers, and create a photo inventory of your items.

Move into Common

Hate moving? At Common, relocating is always simple. Move-ins are quick and easy, 30-minutes tops. Plus, you can transfer homes to any city we’re located in, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, DC. You can expect your Common home to be fully furnished, fully stocked, and ready to go with Wi-Fi and utilities already set up.

Try Common in your city for a simple move-in and live-in experience. Tour a Common home today.

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