How to live with roommates as an introvert


Whether you’re in college or you’re moving into a shared apartment, living with another person as an introvert can be awkward, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable. You don’t want to seem rude on days when you just want to keep to yourself, and light conversation may not come naturally. Here are some easy ways you can still develop a relationship with your roommate as an introvert.

Respect your differences

Understand that don’t have to be exact clones of each other to be “good” roommates. In fact, you may not have much in common. They may be more outgoing or build relationships more easily, and they may have different needs and ways of doing things. That’s totally ok.

Try to find the light in the differences. You might learn more about yourself by doing so. Think of it as an opportunity for you to push your comfort zone, find compromises, and share some great experiences that you otherwise would have skipped out on.

Be honest

Have a discussion about being introverted and certain tendencies and preferences. Communicate to them if you like nights to yourself or if you need your own space.  Your roommate(s) will then be able to recognize these preferences, adjust their behavior, and won’t take things personally. This will help everyone’s lives easier, making everyone more comfortable and at ease, rather than unwelcome and confused.

Set a time to hang out

Setting a time to hang out with each other once or twice each month can be helpful. Of course, you can have impromptu hangouts or schedule them more often, depending on what you’re comfortable with. Get creative: watch a movie, cook dinner together, or simply just spend time in the same space, coworking or on your phones. This can help you become more comfortable and effortlessly build a relationship with your roommate.

Bonus: If your roommate has a spot they go to often with their friends, try to break out of your shell and join them once in a while. Making that extra effort to get to know them and their lives can make a huge difference. You may even make friends of your own!

Try shopping together

Shopping together for home goods and groceries is another easy place to start. By doing this, you can get to know each other’s preferences as well as make collective decisions for your home. This is a great way to bond and also get household chores done.

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