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Tips for the perfect picnic in New York


With the sun shining and flowers blooming, a picnic is the best way to spend a day in New York City. Grab some friends, food, and have fun at the city’s best parks. Here are the essentials you need for the perfect picnic.

Pick a picnic spot

The perfect places to have a picnic are wide, open spaces. Central Park, Prospect Park, East River State Park, and McCarren Park are great places to have a picnic in the city. In these parks, there are so many options for the perfect space to have your picnic. You can venture away from the city street and end up in a beautiful grassy meadow with other picnics.

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Pack the essentials

Be sure to pack the essentials. These items can make or break your picnic:

Blanket and sunscreen

Make sure you have a comfortable blanket that you don’t mind getting grass or other debris on. You’ll definitely need somewhere to lay out all of your items. On that hot summer day, you’ll definitely want to bring some sunscreen to protect your skin while you lay in the sun.

Beverages, ice, and snacks

If you don’t pick up snacks, streetcars and food trucks are always going through Prospect Park and Central Park. This can be an opportunity to try something new. Be sure you bring a cooler and ice to keep your beverages nice and cold in the heat.

Camera, games, and entertainment

Having entertainment, and games like “Heads Up!” are great to make the most of your picnic day. Your camera can capture the perfect moments throughout the day, from walking the streets of the city to the laughs and fun.

Lastly, have fun.

Mingle with other hosts, and enjoy the day. If you live at Common, you can plan a picnic with your suitemates at the parks near your home, and have it sponsored by Common with all the snacks and items paid for! Check out Common homes in New York City here.

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