Why every 20-something should live with roommates


Living with roommates in my twenties is one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I first got to New York City, I felt overwhelmed, but living in a shared apartment with some good friends made the moving experience a lot easier to navigate and even fun to adjust to.

A lot of people fantasize about having their own place; however, like most things, there are pros and cons to living alone. Some of the biggest pros include having privacy and having everything up to your standards (cleanliness, design), while some of the biggest cons are that it can be lonely, expensive (in most cities), and entails more responsibilities. For me, the cons outweigh the pros here, and living with roommates has so many more pros.Here are 5 reasons why every 20-something should live with roommates.

1. You save money

As a young professional, money is always a concern. Rents are constantly rising in most major cities, where many job opportunities exist, and living expenses aren’t getting cheaper. Many people nowadays spend more than the suggested 30% of their income on rent.When you share an apartment, rent goes down, and you can save a lot of money. Not only will you split the cost of the shared spaces, but you can also split the cost of furniture, household essentials (like toilet paper), WiFi, and utilities. Having a roommate sharing agreement will reduce the financial strain (see our roommate agreement template).

At Common, you can save up to $400 a month. You’ll have a private bedroom and share a beautiful, furnished home with a few other people for one all-inclusive rent that covers utilities, laundry, essentials, weekly cleaning, access to incredible amenities, and more.

2. You’ll have fewer responsibilities

When you live with roommates, you won’t be the only person responsible for keeping the space clean and paying the bills. You’ll split the rent, share the chores, and take turns cleaning the apartment or picking up the mail. When everyone holds up their end of the bargain, it works perfectly and conveniently.

Have even fewer responsibilities by living at Common. Your home comes fully furnished, meaning you don’t have to make the trek to IKEA and lug your stuff into a tiny apartment. Shared spaces are professionally cleaned on a weekly basis, and we have free onsite laundry and high-end appliances (yes, dishwashers) so that all your chores are an easy 1-2 step.

3. You mature together

When living with roommates, you experience and learn a lot together as young adults. From your first plumbing problems to your first cooking disaster, you’ll see some growth happen with your roommates and yourself. The living situation will automatically teach you to be considerate — paying your rent on time, having guests over at a reasonable time — and to be a good friend.

4. You develop a new level of friendship

This brings me to my next point. By sharing an apartment with roommates, you’ll always be there for them, and they’ll always be there for you — for all the good and the bad moments. You can come home and rant or cry or gossip or just talk about what’s happening in life, and it will be your shared safe space. Living together is an intimate experience, so you should expect a special kind of relationship to form. If you live with friends, you’ll inevitably go from being a good friend to a great one, and if you live with strangers, you’ll soon become good friends.

5. You become a better person

Living with roommates isn’t wonderful and perfect all the time. At the end of the day, you’re different people with different habits, values, and lifestyles. There’s bound to be conflict and tension at times, but through it all, you become a better person. You learn how to communicate when you need personal space, and you respect other people’s quiet time, schedules, and quirks. In general, you’ll become a more understanding, considerate, and proactive person.

Roommates at Common

Roommates at Common are a community like no other. Members share a beautiful home with a few other members and save monthly by enjoying all the perks of membership: free laundry, free weekly cleaning, free household essentials, exclusive discounts at major brands, free community events, and more. Join the Common community today.


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