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5 Best Tips for Apartment Hunting in a Big City


Summer is the busiest season to move into a new apartment and start a lease. To help you out with your search, Common’s Senior Leasing Administrator Amber Perez walks you through her five best tips for finding an apartment in a big city.

Tip #1: Explore the neighborhood

Make sure to visit the different neighborhoods to feel them out. Not only should you look at the neighborhood features (where’s the closest subway station? is there a grocery store?), but you should also take notice of the vibe and ask yourself if you can see yourself living there.

Tip #2: Set a budget

Consider all the costs involved with moving: security deposit, first and last month rent, application fee, move-in fees, pet deposit, utilities, WiFi. Calculate all these fees in relation to your income, set a budget, and start saving asap!

Tip #3: Do the right research

There are too many apartment search websites to count, from Craigslist to Apartments.com. Instead of scouring through all of them, find the most robust one in your respective city — for example, StreetEasy is the leading site for New York City — and dive into the search.Find out tips #4 and #5 by watching her video:

…or ignore all her tips, and move into Common.

Common homes come fully furnished with high-quality furniture, brand new appliances, stocked kitchens and bathrooms, as well as incredible amenities (like a rooftop deck and 24-hour gym). Find coliving homes, traditional apartments, and studios across all major US cities, from New York to San Francisco.Were these tips helpful? Send them to a friend. Curious to learn more about coliving? Find the complete guide to coliving here.Take a free tour of a Common coliving home today.


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