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Best outdoor space design ideas to beautify your home


Beautiful weather calls for a nice, sunny area for you to kick back and relax. Whether you have downtime or you’re hosting a party, an outdoor space — a backyard or rooftop — is the perfect setting. Give your outdoor space a fresh new look with these design ideas. 


Outdoor furniture is extremely important. Depending on the size of the space you’re designing, you’ll want different types of seating arrangements. Consider a few chairs around a fireplace or two lounge chairs by a small table. Benches are great for maximizing space, leaving the center open. Think about the events you plan to have and how people can interact with each other in this outdoor area. Be sure to have simple chairs handy, so you can add extra seating if you have more people than you expect. 

Also, add tables, so there’s plenty of room for dining, drinking, and maybe even a fun game with your suitemates when you have downtime. For balconies and rooftops, create a more personal space by using folding chairs and tables that are easy to put away and free up floor space when necessary. 


Chairs and tables are always a good idea, especially for a patio or rooftop. Dining areas are super important and create opportunities for lots of different activities. You want your guests to have somewhere to eat, play Jenga, or just place their stuff down. If you have a larger space, a classic picnic table is a great option. If not, smaller round tables can help expand the space available. Final tip: Having the dining or seating areas arranged around a fireplace or fire pit can create a really soft, warm atmosphere in your outdoor space. 


String lights can create the perfect ambiance in any outdoor space. Hang them around the perimeter for decor and soft light. You’ll want as much light as possible on your beautiful furniture. To light key areas, lamps are great to sit on tables or stand by the grill and bar areas. For patios, also consider torch lights for the perfect touch — they can also help keep the bugs away. 


Plants add the perfect touch of greenery and freshness to any space. On balconies, hang them on the wall to free up floor space. If your balcony is open and right next to your neighbors’, tall plants can be used to create a natural wall if you want some privacy. Small, leafy plants are great for any size space. With these types of plants, you can place them in key areas of the space, so you can create any friendly scene you have in mind. 

Color + Design Details

Add color and patterns with an outdoor rug and pillows. Pillows can be placed on benches and chairs to add pops of color or patterns to wood finishes and solids. Rugs and mats are perfect to place right by the threshold, or even to place tables on in the middle of your seating arrangements.

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