Common’s Inside Sales Rep David Novo ranks the best snacks in the office


Meet David Novo. David joined Common’s Inside Sales team back in February, and he has self-proclaimed himself as a “snack junkie.” So we decided to put his loves for snacks to good use, and find out which snacks in Common’s office beat out the rest. snacks david‘“Ok, no more — it’s summertime, and I really gotta watch what I’m eating,’ I tell this to myself at least twice a day, every day,” said David. “But as I look over from my desk at a fully stocked snack pantry, I realize I just can’t help it.” Here are David’s rankings on the best snacks in Common’s office.

The best snack: Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

PB pretzel bites have to be number one, of course. Who can resist the crunchy salty pretzel mixed with the smooth peanut butter? It makes for an absolute banger of a snack, especially if you need an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Dried Mango

I had to follow up with dried mango. It’s perfect for when I’m in the mood for something sweeter — plus, you feel less guilty because you’re eating a fruit. The only problem with dried mango, though, is that you can never eat just one.


Starburst has a spot on the list. It could’ve ranked higher, but due to the existence of the yellow starburst, it sits right in the middle. Pink and red are the clear winners. We’ve got the single packaged ones, so you can just grab a handful and get through them at your seat.starbusts

Mini Fudge Stripe Cookies

Fudge stripe cookies have to make the top snacks list as well because they’re staples of any proper snack pantry. They also just remind you of childhood, which is always a nice reminder to stay loose and have fun in the office.

Salt and Vinegar Chips

This is a divisive opinion. Some people hate salt and vinegar chips, and other people love them. I am in the camp that loves salt and vinegar chips. They’ve got a kick to keep you awake and your taste buds excited. I definitely always reach for this flavor when I’m feeling like chips. chips “Depending on what I’m in the mood for, these are my favorites,” said David. “I’ll have to try harder [to resist] next summer.” Well, that’s it. You got the inside scoop on Common’s snack stash and the best (and most dangerously addicting) goodies there. 

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David loves being an Inside Sales Representative for two reasons. First, he loves being able to “offer a solution for individuals looking for a beautiful home to live in and not have them worry about finding roommates, furnishing the home, and all the other headaches.” Second, he also finds the work fulfilling and exciting: “It’s awesome to have a goal set and smash through it. The recognition you get when you perform well is worth it.”

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