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Dean’s Top Five Tips to Live a Balanced Lifestyle

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Just a few months ago, Dean moved to the city from Australia. Although he loves the excitement and bustle of the city, he always finds time to take care of himself mentally and physically. Even while coliving, he is able to carry out his regular practices of self-care. Keep reading (or watch) to find out Dean’s five best tips on living a balanced lifestyle while living in the urban jungle.

Tip #1: Exercise

It’s the classic tip for mental and physical health that we’ve heard over and over again. Dean doubles down on this, whole-heartedly believing in the benefits of exercising regularly. By doing so right downstairs in Common’s fitness center, he feels energized, sleeps better at night, and has better work performance.

Tip #2: Meditate

It only takes twenty minutes a day to reduce mental clutter. Being unplugged and reflective with your own thoughts can affect your productivity, mood, and energy immensely. Dean finds it easy to meditate even when living with suitemates because he can find privacy in his bedroom and a comfortable spot in his suite or the outdoor spaces at Common.

Tip #3: Make your bed

Little daily habits like this can make a huge difference. Dean likes to start his mornings by making his bed and enjoying a cup of coffee; both are little “wins” for the day, which sets a positive tone for the rest of his day.

Find the rest of Dean’s tips by watching the video:

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Finding a balanced lifestyle at Common

For one all-inclusive rent, you can expect a private bedroom, a furnished suite, free onsite laundry, stocked kitchens, smart home features, free weekly cleaning, and more. Not only do you save money by living at Common, but you can also find the perfect balance in your lifestyle. Whether it’s by following Dean’s tips or partaking in wellness-themed community events, finding a balanced lifestyle is easy at Common.

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