Wellness at Common: community events round-up


Wellness is important to us at Common. That’s why we started an Office Wellness Program and why we have gurus like Cle Cosmetic’s Lauren Jin share their best wellness tips on our blog. For our members, we not only want them to have an affordable and convenient place to live, but we also want to provide them with the right tools and resources to personally thrive in their city. One of the main ways we promote wellness among our members is by regularly hosting community events that focus on treating our bodies and minds well. Here are a few of our favorite examples of wellness-based events that can inspire you and your friends to host in your city!

Macaron baking class 

After some physical activity, you’ll need to feed your body well. Make sure to eat lots of protein, veggies, and whole grains within the hour after your workout, but don’t forget to treat yourself too.In Washington, D.C, we took our members to a baking class, where they learned the art of the French macaron at CulinAerie. Now, they know all the secrets of delicious pairings and flavorful fillings, from traditional almond and hazelnut macarons to chocolate-raspberry ganache and pistachio lime cream.wellness events macaron

Photo by Shambhavi Mohan

Gather your friends in the kitchen and get cooking! Whether you’re preparing a dinner party or attending a cooking class, being in the kitchen and working with your hands can help reduce stress and can boost confidence and creativity.

Wine tasting class

It’s the weekend — time to have some fun! In June, we invited a certified sommelier Lisa David, founder of Veritas Wine Experiences, to lead a wine tasting class for our members in the beautiful Common Baltic lounge. Newbies and connoisseurs alike learned the deductive tasting method, broke up into teams, and blindly identified grape varietals. The winning team won a bottle of wine!wellness events wineIf you haven’t found your method of self-care yet, then try learning something new, like wine tasting. Stimulating your senses in new ways can help you discover what wellness means to you. Maybe getting out to happy hour on the weekends or sharing a glass of wine with your roommates is your way of practicing wellness, which in that case, cheers! 

Host your own wellness events

Wellness can take different forms. In just the past month, it took the forms of yoga, macaron baking, and wine tasting at Common. In the coming months, they’ll take forms of:

Sound like events you might be interested in? Become a member todayIf you were inspired by these events, try them out with your friends. Switch up your regular dinner-and-drinks nights with some wellness-promoting activities — your minds and bodies will thank you.

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