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Get to know Amber Vittoria — Local Artist in Action


You might already be familiar with Amber Vittoria‘s work. Her abstract, bright illustrations of women have been been featured across the web for brands like Gucci, The New York Times, and even most recently, in a custom set of SnapChat stickers. And we get why! Amber’s work takes a new approach to how women are typically represented in the media. Her illustrations invoke a wide range of experiences, and we think they speak perfectly to the cultural diversity in both Ridgewood (the location of our latest coliving home) and New York City, our home base.

As the Local Artist in Action for Common Putnam, we featured two of Amber’s prints in the home, and spoke to her about her life in the city, what inspires her, and of course, her favorite place. Read the full interview below.

Get to know Amber Vittoria

amber vittoria

First things first, introduce yourself!

Hello, hello! My name is Amber Vittoria, and I’m an illustrator living and working in New York City.

Your Instagram bio says that your work is “Dismantling societal tropes set upon women” and we can definitely see that — the women in your prints feel like powerful individuals, even when they’re relaxed. Was this always the mission of your work? And if not, when did it become the mission of your work?

This became a central focus in my work in my mid twenties; having gone to school for art, learning art history, and frequenting several museums/ galleries, I never felt I could relate to the women depicted within famous works. This is what encouraged me to make work I could see myself in.

How has living in New York City affected or inspired your work or process?

The ability to walk around outside, meet new people, and always have a new place to discover has been integral in my inspiration.

If you could collaborate with any other local artist, who would it be and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Arianna Margulis (@butlikemaybe) – we did a Secret Walls together last year, and she is awesome!

amber vittoria

The one place every New Yorker needs to visit is: _________

Atoboy – it is a Korean banchan restaurant, and is incredible. Also, Atomix, their tasting-menu sister restaurant.

Do you have a favorite or wacky roommate story?

Moving in with my now fiancé is my favorite roommate story; the ability to bring our lives together was so fun.

What piece of advice would you give to someone moving to New York City, or just a new city?

It’s okay to be nervous; take one day at a time, and eventually, it’ll feel like home.

What’s your favorite place?

My childhood home; I am fortunate enough that my parents still live there!

Move into Common Putnam

Amber’s work is featured in our latest home, Common Putnam: a spacious, light filled apartment nestled in Ridgewood, Queens. Surrounded by leafy trees, classic New York style architecture, and a culturally diverse mix of restaurants, bars, and shops, Common Putnam is a true oasis from the hectic streets of Manhattan. Discover more of the home and book your free tour today.


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