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How to maximize closet space in a tiny apartment


Just imagine: walking into your space-challenged apartment, throwing open the closet door (because let’s be real, almost no one has a double door closet in a city apartment), and seeing a neatly organized collection of folded and hanging clothes, shoes, and accessories arranged in perfect harmony with each other. Nothing is out of place, squished, or out of sight. Does it sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be. Common is obsessed with helping you maximize tiny spaces, whether you live with roommates or alone in a studio. With bulky fall wardrobes making closet doors bust at the seams this season, we’re here to help you revamp your apartment closet organization so you can enjoy the space you have year-round. Below are some of our favorite tips on how to maximize limited closet space and make the most of your humble abode.

Remove Clutter: Forgotten clothing & packaging

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While it might seem simple, getting rid of items that no longer fit, have stains, or that haven’t been worn since 2003 will drastically increase your current apartment closet storage! Just getting rid of a few items will do the trick. Removing tags, dry cleaning bags, or any other “extra” items is also going to give you even more breathing room. These small changes can add up to at least enough storage space to comfortably fit a few more shirts or jackets that you love…and who wouldn’t want that? If you are in the process of moving into a new apartment with minimal closet space, make sure to declutter your existing closet before transferring all of your unused belongings.

Add lighting and a mirror to maximize visual space

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How can you brighten up a small dingy walk in closet? Start with light! Adding in a small motion-activated light and an over-the-door mirror is going to not only help you see the contents of your closet, but it’s also going to give the illusion of a drastically larger space.

Rethink your hangers to increase your hanging rod space

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There are so many ways to utilize your hangers to their maximum potential. From soda can tabs, to cascading hangers, to hanging an S Chain from your closet rod, it’s time to get creative. By hanging multiple items on one hanger vertically, you’ll be able to increase your rod space to fit more of your stylish wardrobe treasures.

A word of warning: while hanging clothes on a vertical organizer can be a great way to fit more into a tiny closet, it can be difficult to maintain. This works best for a person who doesn’t mind taking a few extra seconds to reorganize their hangers-if that’s not you, that’s ok! We have a few more storage ideas that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

Organize your drawers and shelves in a smarter way

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Sometimes maximizing your small closet space isn’t about making extra space, but just using your space in a smarter way. Old shoe boxes can be used to better organize drawers and thin bookends can be used to divide up closet shelf space. Even utilizing under shelf baskets or hanging organizers will help you keep your wardrobe items in order. Another helpful tip is to try rolling your folded items instead of the traditional flat pancake approach. This will allow you to fully see what you have stored at all times while also fitting more items in each drawer or on each shelf divider.

Use a new rod system to change the game

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The real secret to organizing a tiny closet? Rods. Staggering rods, doubling your rods, or adding an extra rolling rack outside of your closet are all fantastic ways to literally maximize dead hanging space that was going unused. A hack for this is to hang your items from long to short, leaving extra floor space for a lower closet rod or floor storage.

Find a new home for your suitcases and shoes

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While this might not seem like a big deal to those of you living in full houses, finding space for your shoes and suitcases is a S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E. when you live in a space-sensitive apartment. However, there is hope! The key in smaller types of apartments is to utilize otherwise dead space, such as under your bed, the floor of your closet, or an empty wall in the top corner of your walk in closet to install extra hooks or organizers to store away these bulky items. Especially with a suitcase, once you remove that item from your usual closet space, you will be able to focus on the items you need for that day every time you open up your closet door.

Remember that every space matters

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The important thing to remember is that every single space in your small closet can be used. That dark upper left corner can be transformed into a small corner shelf to store seasonal clothing, hanging over the door hooks and rods can double your coat or accessory storage, and the bed can be lofted to fit even more folded items underneath. Get creative with what works best for your space and your needs! Whether or not you are moving into a tiny space or trying to reinvent your current tiny apartment, we want to help you maximize your city lifestyle by utilizing the best closet organization tips and tricks. If you are looking for a city apartment to call your home that won’t be a tight squeeze on your budget or your space, then check out our latest home openings across the country! It’s time to discover the home and closet that you deserve.

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