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The truth about apartment hunting


Apartment hunting. The quest for a perfect home is often filled with hidden fees, flaky brokers, and sketchy listings. After a long search, you might find a few listings in your price range that seem promising..but then reality sets in. That beautiful downtown studio with natural light is only in your price range because it doesn’t have a bathroom and your next best option is an hour and a half commute away and above an extremely loud sports bar. At Common, we’re well aware of how complicated it can be to find a place to call home. Which is why we compiled some of the top struggles of apartment hunting told from the real-world perspective of internet memes. Take a scroll for some much needed comic relief! You deserve it. When you’re ready to find your next city apartment with a hassle-free process, all-inclusive rent, and an ideal location, check out our latest open homes.

1. You start out the search hopeful! Only to be quickly put in place by your agent or listing site:

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I mean, same.

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2. You end up going down an apartment hunting black hole:

3. And you realize that your budget is just a *bit* smaller than your taste level:

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But still, we make it work✨ (via @lisamcconniffe)

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4. The hunt begins to take over all areas of your life:

5. You get enthralled by the location and forget survival necessities:

6. Phrases such as “artist studio” and “compact” begin to seem more appealing:

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p e r s u a d e

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7. Sometimes you don’t know if you’ve fallen in love or if your standards are just to low:

8. Then there’s the one with the “rooftop garden”:

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A cartoon by @lonniemillsap. #TNYcartoons

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9. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, you tour a converted closet:

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10. Once you finally find your place, you realize you have to furnish it or pay a moving fee worth a month’s rent:

Despite all these struggles, you aren’t alone! The apartment hunting process could have used a major upgrade years ago, and that’s where is where Common comes in. Don’t settle for less than you deserve: check out our latest home openings to save yourself some time and probably a nervous breakdown.

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