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How to adjust when you move from L.A. to NYC


Starting over in a new city can be challenging. However, getting out of your comfort zone always comes with a great reward, and that’s precisely what will happen after finally moving from NYC to LA. Moving can be stressful, and in most cases – it is. But, you can do it. It will take some time and energy to complete your relocation, as well as to adjust to the change, but if you keep a few things in mind, it should be a breeze. Keep on reading and learn how to organize your move in a way that will allow you to enjoy your new life and city!

Stress is your worst enemy

Moving is a task that can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can always hire professionals to take care of this task for you. Or, you can start organizing your move in advance and prepare for every possible outcome. You know what they say – it is always better to be safe than sorry. The same goes for moving from NYC to LA.

Enjoy your time in NYC before leaving

Even though planning, organizing and preparing for your upcoming move will make it less stressful, the first step you should take today is to simply relax. You’re about to leave New York City — probably for good. And even though moving to Los Angeles sounds exciting and promises one big adventure, you should enjoy the time you have left in the city of New York.Prepare for what’s to come by enjoying your time. Go for a walk. Visit your favorite museum. Have dinner at your favorite restaurant. Go to that bar you always said you’d go check out, but you never did. Gather your friends and family, share some memories and enjoy each other’s company. All these little things mean a lot. And the good news is – relaxing, being happy and surrounded by the people you love will help you get ready for what’s to come.

Stay focused and organize your relocation in advance

A well-organized relocation to another state means one thing – starting on time. Relocation is something that will take a lot of your time, energy and possibly money. On the other hand, if you start preparing for your move in advance, giving yourself enough time to deal with everything and stay focused throughout this whole process, chances are this move won’t take a toll on you. It sure doesn’t have to.

  • Make a plan: make a strategy, prepare your budget, organize your plan and stick to it
  • Start looking for a job, and a place to stay once you move. This should be done before moving from NYC to LA.
  • Make a checklist: keep track of your progress
  • Make an inventory list: sort and organize your belongings
  • Gather important documents and ensure their safety: tax receipts, medical records, passport, bank statements, etc. – things can easily get lost during a move, and you will want to avoid this trouble at all costs
  • Declutter. The less you have to move, the easier your relocation gets
  • Give yourself a break. It will help you stay focused
  • Find movers that can help you pack, transport and unpack your belongings. Start looking for them ASAP

And finally, last but not least – do your research!

Do your research before moving to Los Angeles

Moving is one thing, but adjusting to the change is a completely different one. Living in a city such as LA is very different from living in NYC. Even if LA seems like any other city in the world, and as you are coming from New York, it seems like you can handle anything – be careful. Don’t let yourself get disappointed, or even worse, surprised. Make a list of things that are important to you, open your browser and start your search for the right information. Things that you should research before moving from NYC to LA:

  • Job market
  • Housing market
  • Best neighborhoods
  • Best schools (if you are moving with kids or for college)
  • LA Traffic and state’s regulations on driving
  • Laws that are different from what you are used to
  • Shopping malls, stores, pharmacies, etc.
  • Fun things to do after you move

It’s okay to take a break

That’s something that you’ll learn as soon as you relocate from NYC to LA. Living in NYC meant one thing – doing things fast. Well, things are a bit different in L.A. No, Los Angeles is not a city that sleeps, but people are more relaxed there. Forget about rushing for work, stressing about getting things done before everybody else and staying on top of your game at all times. All these things will help you do better in life generally, but a fast-paced lifestyle will be behind you once you relocate. Try to find your new pace, and give yourself some time to breathe. Adjusting to LA will be something that you will enjoy, and all you have to do is to give it a chance. Trust us on this one.


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