Panel recap: What we learned about  “Finding your way in a new city”


We know moving to a new city can be strenuous. It can take some time before your social life, financial, and mental health feel settled, but we’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible! From finding an apartment to setting a budget and even taking care of your mental health, we partnered with The Financial Gym and Talkspace to host a panel on “Finding your way in a new city” last week in NYC. Couldn’t make it? Not a problem! We’ve included some of the top tips and takeaways from The Financial Gym below to help you confidently get settled in your new city. 

moving to a new city

Healthy finances for your move

Let’s be honest for a second: moving is expensive! Between the transportation cost, hired moving crew, fees, and new furniture you have to buy (unless you’re moving into a Common coliving home), a “simple” move can easily turn into a hefty charge on your credit card. Don’t worry, The Financial Gym has your back with some insider tips: 

1. Save at least 3-6 months of expenses before considering a move

It’s important to remember that this is not a moving fund! Think of this as an emergency fund to keep you sane and out of the red for any unforeseen costs. Even if you never touch this (we hope you don’t have to) this will help eliminate some of the financial anxiety that can come along with a big move away from your community. 

2. Start a moving fund

Make sure to plan ahead and set aside a realistic amount to cover any broker’s fees, security deposits, moving costs, and new items you may need for your new home. Everyone will have a different savings goal here and that’s ok! The main priority is to make sure you have a plan set in place instead of throwing things together at the last minute. 

3. Discover free events and groups to attend in your new neighborhood

Now that you’ve successfully moved, it’s time to make some new friends! Joining free classes, discussions, or meetups in your local community will help you meet people with similar interests and also be kind to your wallet in the process. 

moving to a new city

Protect your mental health during the transition

Did you know that moving is ranked as one of the top causes of emotional trauma, along with death and grief? Moving to a new city can completely throw you off, and that’s normal! You will likely feel out of place, disoriented, and craving a new routine when you move somewhere new. Take a deep breath and recognize this as part of the transition process. It takes time to create new habits, build community, and acclimate to a new environment. Here are some easy tips from Talkspace

1. It only takes one common interest to connect with a new person

Are you introverted and terrified of putting yourself out there? The good news is there are people with similar interests to you no matter where you go! Whether underwater basket weaving is your jam or you want to find a group of young women who love fiction, focusing on finding people with one similar interest can help you instantly connect without feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Talk to a third-party professional about your move

Talking your struggles out with a loved one can be very beneficial, but it’s also easy to edit and not fully disclose your thoughts. Finding a mental health professional to talk to can help you get the help you need during this transition from a third-party. Head over to Talkspace’s page for more information on their digital offerings! moving to a new city

Cultivate healthy roommate relationships and community

Finding and cultivating healthy relationships with roommates is difficult whether or not you’re new to a city. At Common, we take the guesswork out of the equation for you by offering weekly cleanings, furnished suites, household supplies, and funds for our members to host their own events. Throughout the years, we’ve found that there are some common tension points that people run into when living with others, so here are some simple ways to avoid any conflict in your home. 

1. Set realistic and clear expectations through a roommate agreement.

While this doesn’t guarantee a remedy for conflict, it will give both parties a document of responsibilities to reference if any issues come up. Clear communication before any issues arise will save you a lot of difficult conversations in the long run! Try our roommate agreement template.

2. Creating community can be simple

Creating community can be as simple as ordering pizza and inviting your suitemates or neighbors over for a few hours! This is a low cost and easy way to feel less alone and make connections with people in your neighborhood. At Common, we offer regular community events our members can attend or a budget to throw your own! 

3. Shop local

Not only will this support your neighborhood, but you are much more likely to meet locals, get amazing recommendations, and feel at home when you have a few spots that feel familiar. Who knows, your local coffee shop barista might become a new friend!

Want to learn more?

The bottom line is that moving to a new city can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! If you are looking to prioritize your moving funds, mental health, or relationships for your next move, reach out to the experts at The Financial Gym, Talkspace, or our own team for more information!moving to a new city

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