Top 10 Apartment Cleaning Hacks


Do you suffer from cleaning anxiety? Or maybe cleaning avoidance? Do you jump into a cleaning frenzy when people are coming over at the last minute? We get it. Life in the city is beyond busy and the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is tidy up!We believe that you deserve to have a clean space to relax alone or with friends. Get ready to have a sparkling and fresh space minus the hours scrubbing and tidying! We’ve created a fool-proof guide for you to quickly and easily clean your home without the feeling of overwhelm. For more in-depth inspiration, head over to our cleaning hacks Pinterest board as well!cleaning hacks to transform your apartment

1. Rethink your storage

When it comes to city apartments, a good storage system is a MUST. Clear storage boxes with labels, stackable bins, and under bed storage organizers are a fantastic place to start. Once your items have a designated spot, it is much easier to keep your space tidy and clear. 

2. Break cleaning up into small time blocks

Instead of thinking of cleaning as a giant task, break it up into 15-minute time slots and smaller tasks. Blast your favorite music and see how quickly you’ll tick off those mundane tasks throughout the week!

cleaning hacks to transform your apartment

3. Make your bed

Everyday. Yes, every day. This small act will immediately tidy up your space and set the right tone of the day!

4. Focus on surfaces

If you want to brighten up your space in 10 minutes or less, focus on clearing off countertops, dressers, desks, or table surfaces. This will instantly make your space feel less cluttered and larger. cleaning hacks to transform your apartment

5. Clean your microwave

While this seems like an irrelevant task, think about how many times you use your microwave a day. If your microwave is starting to smell like an old food takeout container, fill a bowl with lemon water, bring it to a boil inside the microwave, and let it sit inside for 1-3 minutes for a refresh.

6. Clean your cookware with vinegar

Do you want a quick way to cleanse your cookware after a greasy meal? Bring vinegar to a simmer on your stovetop for a few minutes to disinfect any residue.apartment cleaning hacks

7. Discard unnecessary clutter

We’ve all heard the Marie Kondo wisdom, but here it is again: discard what you no longer use. While it sounds simple, you might be surprised what you find hiding in the back of your closet that you forgot was there! This will give you more space to store what you actually care about. 

8. Upgrade your closet storage

Limited closet space doesn’t have to mean limited storage! Read our article about how to maximize even the smallest of closets for more detailed tips. apartment cleaning hacks

9. Use what’s in your pantry 

Did you know that vinegar can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner? Or that baking soda can be a natural stain fighter? There are so many kitchen ingredients that can double as cleaners! This will save you time and money by not having to buy a specific product for every surface.

10. Think about cleaning as self-care

If you still feel unmotivated after all of these tips, remember that cleaning is a way of prioritizing and taking care of yourself. Once your space is clean and fresh, you will be able to fully unwind and relax no matter how hectic your day was.cleaning hacks to transform your apartmentIf you still feel stressed out about cleaning even with these tips, check out our open homes! Common includes free weekly cleanings and even household supplies in your lease at any of our coliving homes. Learn more about the amenities we offer and our open homes here.

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