Common partners with Inhabitr to help our Seattle members furnish their dream studios


Imagine an empty studio stripped of all furnishings and decor. Do you see a blank canvas to express your interior design dreams or can you only focus on the logistics of furnishing an entire unit in a timely and affordable way?We’re always looking for new opportunities to make city-living as easy and convenient for our members as possible. While all of our coliving units come fully furnished, our members living in our Seattle micro-units are given the opportunity to make an empty unit completely their own.inhabitr common

Starting today, Common has partnered with Inhabitr to offer all of our Seattle members the best rental furniture option to make their studios feel like home!

Inhabitr has taken rental furniture to a new level. They have style, flexibility, and affordability all wrapped up in customizable packages to create the perfect interior space for your home. Every rental, short or long-term, enjoys white glove delivery, setup and pickup, and with Common’s partnership, all of our Seattle members will be able to select the furniture they love to be delivered to their space on move-in day.We caught up with Shaurya Talwar, a Business Development Manager at Inhabitr, to learn more about how our members will be able to take advantage of this partnership.

How does Inhabitr work?

Inhabitr partners with furniture manufacturers behind top brands all over the US to offer a large variety of furniture options. While furniture renting is our bread and butter, our competitive pricing includes options to buy, rent, and rent to own. Anyone renting with Inhabitr simply selects the items and packages they love and the time frame they want to rent the furniture for. Our team then takes care of the delivery and set up of all the furniture upon move in, and then comes to pick up all of the items once the lease is up.

How does this apply to Common’s Seattle members?

Specifically for Common’s Seattle members, they will be able to virtually select and visualize the items they love to fit in their new studio unit before moving in. On move-in day, we will take care of delivering and assembling all furniture to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible!inhabitr common

Why are you excited about partnering with Common?

The Inhabitr team is ecstatic about this partnership! We love that Common offers beautiful coliving and studio spaces while keeping all of the residents’ needs in mind, ultimately making their lives easier. This aligns with our motto to make furnishing a space easy and enjoyable.

What is one thing anyone can do to make furnishing their home easier?

The best piece of advice is to not get overwhelmed shopping for individual pieces either online or in person. It can be easy to get lost in the details! Define your budget and look for preassembled packages curated by designers. This will save you time, energy, and money. When in doubt, rent!inhabitr common

Looking for a new studio to call home? Try checking out our Seattle offerings! For more information on Inhabitr, explore all of their furniture options on their site.


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