Meet a Member: Asma at Common Simonds


During the five years she’s lived in the US, Common member Asma experienced incredible growth and life changes. After dealing with Lupus and deciding to step away from her life in NYC, she made the courageous decision to move from her community and comfort zone to start a fresh chapter in Chicago on her own. In search for the perfect new place, Asma found her home at a micro-studio in Chicago that was later taken over by Common during her lease.Today, Asma is a thriving member of the Common community! We caught up with her to ask her about her transition to a new city and her favorite parts of living at a Common studio.asma common

Hi Asma! Can you tell us more about what was going through your head when you heard Common was taking over your building? What was the transition like?

I was actually surprised by how smooth of a transition it was! Initially, I was concerned about the concept of coliving and what that meant for my studio situation, but the Common team clarified everything and implemented new processes one step at a time. Under our old property management, I didn’t have easy access to information about WiFi or building codes, and now I have all of that and a bike room! In addition, the quick response time of the Common team has made my life so much easier, and I feel listened to for any issue or question I bring up.

What has been your favorite part of living in your own private studio?

Since I work at a school with preschool students, my workdays tend to be very full and often exhausting. It’s wonderful coming home to a cozy space that’s just mine where I can unwind. The space is the perfect size for one person, plus the closet is huge! I can truly fit in everything I need and a bit more.asma common

What has been your favorite part about living in Chicago and being a part of the Common community?

Ok, this might be controversial, but I’m convinced that people are nicer in Chicago than in NYC! Since I don’t have any family in the US, it was amazing getting to participate in a community where people are so welcoming and friendly. The location of Common Simonds makes getting involved in the surrounding community effortless. In addition, the Common member events have made it so easy to meet new people that live close to me. A unique aspect of my life is that I am living with Lupus, so living through the cold Chicago winters can be difficult. My neighbors that I met through these events and the Common team have always consistently checked in on me to make sure I have everything I need and feel safe!asma common

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