Meet a Member: Dillah Zakbah at Common Melrose in LA


Dillah Zakbah was overwhelmed with finding a place to call home after she moved to the U.S. from Singapore, then she found Common Melrose.

dillah common melroseMeet Dillah, a Creative Technology and Innovation Director living in Los Angeles and member at Common Melrose. Despite her glowing resume, her lack of credit and history in the US proved to be a barrier to finding housing, when she moved to Los Angeles a little under two years ago.

How would she afford to furnish an entire apartment from scratch? Where could she apply for an apartment without credit history or 6-months of rent upfront? Where could she find people she trusted living with as a brand-new LA resident?

As the questions piled on, the stress mounted, but then she found a solution and community with Common! We caught up with Dillah to find out how she adjusted to her new life in Los Angeles and how Common was able to help her with her transition.dillah common melrose

Hi Dillah! You recently moved across the globe to take on an exciting new position in Los Angeles, congrats! What were some challenges you had with the move, and how did Common help make it easier?

Moving across the country can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re moving alone. I didn’t move with a partner or kids, so in a way, I had a lot of freedom, but it was also difficult starting from scratch without a sense of community. It was difficult to find a place I could afford that was flexible with my immigrant status, much less close to my office.

Most landlords required me to submit my credit score (which I didn’t have due to my recent move to the US) or pay 6-months upfront. Thankfully, Common made the entire process so seamless and stress-free! When I moved into Common Melrose, I didn’t have to worry about buying furniture, setting up wifi or other services, and I live with people I can trust. A major plus is that my apartment is walking distance from my office!dillah common melrose

That’s wonderful to hear! After your move-in, what were your favorite parts about living at Common Melrose?

Common Melrose is beautiful in itself, but honestly, I love how spacious my room is! My walk-in closet has been a life-saver since I always struggle to fit in all of my shoes, clothes, and coats in an apartment space. The shared spaces I also had a friend come stay with me for a few days, and I had plenty of space to put down an air mattress in my bedroom. The location is also amazing. Besides being walking distance from my office, there are a ton of shops and restaurants in the area.

Half of my time is spent outside of LA for work, so living with people I can trust is another huge plus. I love that Common gives everyone a background check, so I know I can trust the people I’m living with before I’ve even moved in. We started as strangers and now we’ve become friends!dillah common melrose

We totally agree! Community is essential to thriving in a new city. Did living at a Common home help you find people to connect with outside of your suite?

The events Common offers normally clash with my travel schedule, but I have been able to meet everyone that lives on my floor. We always go over to the apartment next door to watch Monday night Bachelor episodes together! One time I was able to go get tickets (paid for by Common) to see Trevor Noah at the Staples Center! I was able to meet other people from the Common Los Angeles community and then grab drinks with them after.

Looking for a place to call home? Give virtual touring a shot!

Just like Dillah found her home at Common Melrose, we want to help you find yours. Whether you are reading this during the COVID-19 time period or after, we try to offer the easiest and most convenient way to apartment hunt. Read more tips on virtual touring directly from one of our members or book a tour directly on our site.

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