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Why the Illinois Medical District is the ideal neighborhood


Choosing a neighborhood for your next apartment is an important decision, one that can impact almost every aspect of your daily life. It’s the place you’ll return to after a long day at work, and where you’ll spend your time on those weekends where even thinking about taking the subway seems like an insurmountable task. It’s also where you’ll form a new community — from nearby friends to the person who makes your coffee everyday. Common has coliving homes and micro-units across Chicago, including locations in Pilsen, Uptown, and Ukrainian Village.

Our latest home, Common Addams, is our first ever coliving home in the Illinois Medical District, and we’re so excited for new members (over 200 of them!) to experience this incredible neighborhood and community. Keep reading to learn more about why the Illinois Medical District is the ideal neighborhood, and head to our website to explore Common Addams.

Close to work and education

The Illinois Medical District is home to four hospitals, two universities, over 40 medical institutions, and a tech incubator. If you work or study in the medical field, or are looking to live close to work, this is the location for you. Forget having to hop on a crowded train everyday, or losing an extra hour of time stuck in traffic. Even if you don’t work in the Illinois Medical District, the neighborhood is close to other employment hubs, like the West Loop, and centrally located to the Pink and Blue lines.

Huge expansion plans

While the Illinois Medical District is already a hub for those working in medical and technology fields, it’s just getting started. In 2019, the district announced ambitious expansion plans, including retail, hotels, restaurants, and community gathering spaces. While this neighborhood is already desirable, it’s about to become a huge hot-spot for people moving to Chicago, and living at Common Addams means you can live there affordably. Plus, as a resident, you’ll have more of an opportunity to get involved with the local community and shape its expansion.

The prime location for exploring Chicago

ben and emilyThe Illinois Medical District is centrally located within walking distance of several of Chicago’s cultural centers, like Little Italy and Pilsen, known for its nightlife, entertainment, and incredible dining. Little Italy, the city’s Italian neighborhood, is well-known for its cuisine, and the site of many historical sites in Chicago, like the Hull House, and the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame.

Pilsen is known for its vibrant street-art and nightlife. Catch a show at Thalia Hall, check out the National Museum of Mexican Art, or take a walk through the Chicago arts district.

Exploring the city on foot is the easiest way to discover everything it has to offer, and living in the Illinois Medical District puts the coolest streets and locals-only-spots right at your fingertips – or should we stay footsteps? To learn more about Chicago, check out our guide.

Bonus: Common Addams

Our latest and largest coliving home yet, Common Addams, is located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, and offers private bedrooms in fully furnished shared suites, all-inclusive rent, and incredible amenities like a rooftop deck and gym, starting at only $895/month. Read our blog post about this home for an inside look, or head to our website to learn more and book a virtual tour today.

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