Common’s Guide to Living With Roommates


City living doesn’t have to leave you living paycheck-to-paycheck. Common makes living in the neighborhoods you love affordable, without sacrificing space. If you’re worried about the idea of a shared house or apartment, don’t sweat it. Common takes the stress out of coliving with strangers and gives you the help you need to enjoy joining our community, every step of the way.

Finding a roommate

Looking for a new roommate is a lot more complicated than finding a new friend. Sure, it helps if you get along, but it’s a lot more important that you respect each other’s lifestyle preferences even when you’re not in the mood for it. Before you get too gung-ho about moving in with your potential roomies, no matter how close you feel, you need to take the time to learn about the expectations they have for their home life.

At Common, we can take out the guesswork for you. We carefully screen all our potential residents to eligibility, and everyone maintains their own, individual lease. Every one of our members has access to the Connect by Common app, so you chat with other members and organize meet-ups and expand your network. That means if you’re not up to hanging out for the evening, your roomie has an easy way to make new friends and let you decompress in the privacy of your own room.


Apps, tips and tricks

Living with roommates

Finding potential roommate matches is only the first step. Now you actually have to live with them. Not everyone had to share space as a kid, and most people who did share space have familial bonds with their housemate. If you want to make sharing a place seamlessly, it helps to form some kind of connection, and give each other space whenever anyone needs it.

That’s why we take design seriously at Common. We put comfort first and carefully size each space for sharing. All of our apartments offer private bedrooms, so you can always retreat to your personal bubble when you need some privacy and space.

When you’re ready to mingle, there are plenty of ways to bond with your roomies, either in our community spaces or in the comfort of your living room. Or, you can always hit the town together and explore everything living in the city has to offer.


Creating a fun, friendly home

Resolving roommate conflict

Everyone has different expectations for their home life. No matter how strong your bond, there is always the potential that you’ll butt heads with someone who shares your space. That’s why it’s important to practice your communication skills and establish your boundaries so you can live in harmony with the people around you.

At Common, we want everyone to feel happy in our homes. We offer free, professional cleaning services every week, so even the tidiest of people can cut their housemates a little slack. We also stock you up on the shared essentials, like soap, toilet paper, and detergent.

If you do find yourself stuck in a bad match, we will do everything we can to help you find your new home. Apply for a transfer to another room or Common community so you can find out more about how to prevent conflict, and how to fix problems with your housemate before things get heated.


Solving and preventing problems

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