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How to spend your first day at Common Maplewood

Common Maplewood, located in Wicker Park, Chicago, is the perfect home for new and local Chicagoans alike. With spacious living areas, cozy bedrooms, and a community lounge that makes meeting people easy, you’ll be thrilled to spend time in your new home and neighborhood. But with so many options, your first day might feel a little overwhelming. Here’s our guide for how to spend your first day at Common Maplewood.

Your easiest move ever

Moving day: if even reading those two words makes you anxious, then you’re in luck; moving into Common Maplewood might be your easiest move yet. All of Common’s coliving homes come fully furnished and fully stocked with everything you need — from a comfy couch to silverware to toilet paper and dishwashing soap.

When you arrive, you’ll be able to enter your new home using a keyless entry app on your phone. Bring your suitcase into your new suite and find your private bedroom — we’ll let you know which one is yours and how to find it before you move in. We recommend unpacking the basics first: getting your bed made, hanging up your clothes, and putting your toiletries away. You can spend time decorating later — let’s check out the rest of the space.

Common Maplewood’s kitchens are designed to be shared, with plenty of cabinet space for your snacks and your favorite mug. Each suite at Common Maplewood also has a dining area and a spacious living room that gets plenty of natural light.

Explore the neighborhood

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most tiring move ever, but if you’re traveling from another city or even from just a few train stops away, you’re probably at least a little hungry for a good meal and a good look at your new neighborhood. Luckily for you, Wicker Park is home to some of the coolest restaurants and bars in Chicago. Here are a few of our other favorite options:

  • Big Star
  • Luella’s Gospel Bird
  • Etta
  • Alegria’s Seafood Chicago
  • Piece Brewery and Pizzeria
  • Antique Taco
  • Dove’s Luncheonette
  • Once you have your food, don’t go back to your new home just yet. The neighborhood is named after nearby Wicker Park — where you can find picnic tables and gorgeous greenery to enjoy alongside your meal. The neighborhood is also home to Maplewood Park and Humboldt Park.

    After you eat, take the opportunity to go window shopping on North Milwaukee Avenue, where many of the neighborhood’s bars, shops, and restaurants are located. As you explore, we recommend keeping a list on your phone, or even a visual diary, of places that you want to check out later.

    Discover the Common community

    Once you’ve had your solo adventure it’s time to discover one of the best parts about living at Common: the community. When you sign your lease at Common, you’ll get a link to download our Connect by Common app, which allows you to chat with other members, RSVP to events, get discounts to local and national brands, and even submit requests to our property and member experience team.

    After you download the app, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your profile. You can add a photo, link your social media account, and add information on your interests. The directory lets you search by interest, home, or name. You can also meet people through the Chat feature. Each suite, home, and city has its own group, and there are also groups based on interests. Why not join a group and introduce yourself?

    If you’re looking for plans for your first night in your new home, check out our free events. During COVID-19, most of our events have moved online, but we’re still hosting at least one a night! No matter what you like, there are a ton of options, from wine tasting classes, to cello meditations, and even craft nights.

    If virtual hangs aren’t your thing, you can still meet members of the Common community at Common Maplewood. Just say hello! Introduce yourself to your suitemates, or head down to the community lounge, where you can meet members from the other suites in the building. After that, it’s up to you — but as you saw today, there’s plenty to do just right outside your door.

    Make this home your own

    Rent at Common Maplewood is all inclusive, and starts at $1425/month. If you’d like to see more of the space, you can book a tour on our website.

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