Day in the life of an international student couple: Camilo and Nicole in NYC


As an international student, living in the US has its own unique set of rewards and challenges. The freedom to learn and explore a different culture seems magnified while the challenges to find an affordable place to stay and maintain a flexible lifestyle can be overwhelming. To get more insight into this situation, we chatted with Camilo, who lives in Ridgewood, Queens with his girlfriend Nicole about his experience living at Common. 

Keep reading to learn how an international student couple from Bolivia and Argentina pursued their dreams of film-making and acting in New York City.

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Hi Camilo! To start, can you give us more background on why you chose to move to NYC for school?

Nicole and I met in Buenos Aires, Argentina while I was working on my first degree in film-making. For us, moving to New York seemed like the perfect next step to further both of our careers in the arts while also learning English. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for a program at the NY Film Academy, and Nicole is also a film-maker focusing on getting a degree in English. 

New York has personally given me so many opportunities to network as a session musician, student, actor, and film-maker– I’m constantly juggling a full schedule of gigs at local music venues, film schedules, and auditions. We feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to have the chance to pursue our dreams like this! Not many people are able to live in a city with this many opportunities at their fingertips. 

How were you able to find housing as an international student?

When we first moved to the city, we stayed at an Airbnb in Bushwick until we found out about Common. As an international student, it can be tricky to find something that’s flexible enough for your lifestyle. We didn’t want to be tied down to buying furniture or a lengthy lease since we don’t fully know what will happen after our programs are finished. 

Common was perfect for our needs as international students since it came fully furnished, included utilities, and offered flexible leases. Not only was this incredibly convenient for us, but it also allowed us to live with an extra sense of freedom and worry-free outlook on the future. All of the little details from weekly cleanings to buying household supplies are taken care of so we can fully focus on why we came to the city. 

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Do you have a favorite part of New York City? 

New York in general has this electric energy that’s contagious! Everyone comes here to pursue a specific dream, and it’s so exciting to be inspired by all of the people you get to meet.  We love living in Ridgewood because it’s so quiet and has a true neighborhood feel to it. There’re so many amazing local restaurants to try and spots to explore, but we’re still able to have full access to the city just by hopping on the subway. When we need some inspiration or a place to escape, Nicole loves going to Central Park, and I love checking out any local show at a music venue. 

To stay up to date on Camilo and Nicole’s adventures and view their artistic work, you can check them out on Instagram!

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