Meet a Member: Grayson, Los Angeles based stylist


After six years in Chicago, Grayson was ready to leave behind the city’s frigid winters for a taste of life in the sun. In hopes of growing his flourishing career as a wardrobe stylist on the West Coast, Grayson moved into Common Elmwood, where he was able to ease into a new city as conveniently and smoothly as possible. We caught up with Grayson to chat about his favorite parts of LA and how he stays sane during quarantine.

Hi Grayson! To start off, what prompted you to move out to LA?

Honestly, as cliche as it sounds, I loved living in Chicago, but after six years, I was over the weather. I was living in a coliving building operated by a different company, but I loved the idea of being able to seamlessly transfer between cities under one lease. When I learned that Common offered this perk, I knew I wanted to move in right away.

As a wardrobe stylist, I wanted to move to the West Coast to be able to take advantage of all of the new networking and work opportunities in the area. My day-to-day involves working with individual clients and also being a creative mind as a visual merchandiser for retail stores, so I needed to focus all of my energy on building my personal brand and career. Common truly took out the hassle of living by setting up my utilities, buying furniture, restocking toilet paper, or even figuring out WiFi.

What do you love about living at Common Elmwood?

The view is truly amazing, which has been nice during quarantine! There’s hardly ever any bad weather, and you see the Hollywood sign and amazing sunsets from the roof of Common Elmwood. I also adore the surrounding area of Larchmont Village. If someone is moving to LA for the first time, the area is very walkable and has a neighborhood feel. I’m always out trying new restaurants and discovering new boutiques for styling inspiration.

How have you been enjoying LA during a pandemic?

I make it a point to leave the house and go on a walk to visit a local coffee shop before I start my day. One of my favorite quarantine activities has been to drive and get lost in new areas around my neighborhood. It’s a fun way to help me get better acclimated to my neighborhood and also learn how to get back home without relying on technology.

Thanks Grayson! To stay up to date on Grayson’s styling career and LA adventures, you can check out his website.

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