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6 reasons you belong in Flagler Village, Fort Lauderdale


If you’re new to town and ask anyone where to go in Fort Lauderdale, chances are very good that they’ll tell you to go to Flagler Village. As a hotspot for new development, Flagler Village is undoubtedly one of the hottest neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale. This former warehouse district has gotten a major upgrade thanks to artists and technology wizards, who are investing in creating the kind of place where people want to live.

Flagler Village hums with the creative spirit of Fort Lauderdale, making it a popular choice for artists, musicians, and web developers. Read on to see if your next home should be in Flagler Village.

You won’t be the only newbie

It can be difficult to be new to a city but it helps when you’re not the only one. Flagler Village is a winner in this category, with nearly half of all residents being born in another state, according to City Data. Florida, in general, is home to a lot of people who were born somewhere else, but Flagler Village is above the average in this category.

Flagler Village has younger residents than Fort Lauderdale as a whole, with fewer of them being married as well. This means that it’s a great place for young professionals who want to let down their hair after work and meet others in the neighborhood. And meet people you will, if you just get out of your home and go find them. As of 2017, nearly 20 percent of people worked at home (a very high percentage) in Flagler Village, but that definitely doesn’t mean that they stay at home all day and night.

You’re in the center of arts and culture

Flagler Village is fun because there’s always something happening. Far from being a neighborhood where everything closes by 9 pm, Flagler Village bustles with activity day and night. As the hipster hub of entertainment and home to numerous creative and technology workers, you’ll find their influence all over in this neighborhood.

Walk outside your door and you’re surrounded by the creative art scene in Fort Lauderdale. From colorful murals painted on buildings to dance and music presentations, there’s always something exciting to see. F.A.T. (Flagler Arts and Technology) Village is in the neighborhood, beautifying the streets and bringing some culture with its ArtWalk and warehouse gallery spaces. Music and Arts South of Sunrise (M.A.S.S.) keeps things lively.

You’re just steps away from great drinks

You’ll find dozens of great places in Flagler Village to grab a bite or sit and sip coffee. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll be happy to know that you have plenty of alternatives to famous coffee chains. Wells Coffee Co. roasts their own beans and has quite a loyal following. Grab a drink and make sure to get some beans to go, because you’ll definitely want another cup of this great coffee. It’s also a great place to meet your friends or a casual stop on a first date.

If you want a choice of a few different types of brews, you can get coffee or beer at BREW Urban Cafe located inside NEXT DOOR C&I Studios, a photography studio. This is less the social type of coffee shop/beer pub than it is a meeting space for creatives. Among the delicious coffee and wide variety of beers, you’ll also find musicians making occasional beats or artists sketching in a notepad.

You can nosh on some great food

Cuban culture is a big influence in Florida, and you’ll find it here in Flagler Village, too. Try 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s for a fresh take on yummy Cuban sandwiches. With ingredients like pepitas and plantains, this is the real deal. They’re only open until 8 pm on weekends, but they’re a great place to stop for brunch. (Yes, Fort Lauderdale is a city that likes to brunch!) Tip: they have wonderful outdoor seating for meals, but most people only use the walk-up counter for cafes con leche to go.

Florida is also known for its great seafood, and Shuck ‘N Dive will meet your expectations. If you’re in the mood for anything from garlic claws to real fried alligator, you can find it here. The only limitation is your taste for adventure.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to finish up your meal with a treat, Batch, The Cookie Company serves up delicious cookies far beyond what you could find at the mall. Follow the smells of sugar and butter and indulge a bit.

Flagler Village knows how to have fun

There’s no shortage of fun and exciting things to do in Flagler Village. For example, what could be more fun than axe throwing at a bar? Chops + Hops Axe Throwing Lodge is a unique concept bar that’s a lot of fun. No matter what you think of the idea, the experience is a must-have because it’s such a blast.

If you’re cool with a small bar dive bar rather than a fancy high-end one, you’ll love Laser Wolf. With 12 rotating beers on tap and between 80 to 100 in cans, you’ll never run out of things to try. Food trucks line up around the bar for when you start feeling munchy. There’s nothing like tasty eats and a couple beers to make you feel relaxed.

You can join a community

Realtors love to say that the choice of where to live is all about location, but in truth it’s also about where you can find community. When you make your home among the creative types in Flagler Village, you may find that you never want to leave.

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