Meet a D.C. member: Delbria, a Senior Policy Associate in Shaw


Meet a D.C. member: Delbria, a Senior Policy Associate in Shaw


Imagine you got a dream job offer in DC, but you had to move quickly without knowing anyone there? What would you do? 

Delbria went from living two hours outside of Capital in Richmond, Virginia to moving into the center of the bustling city to minimize her commute and start a new exciting job as a Senior Policy Associate for a non-profit. The job was a dream, but she had never lived in the city and had to move quickly! 

Luckily, Delbria was able to quickly schedule a virtual tour of Common Richardson with our leasing team to show her all of the spaces and surrounding scenery before signing a lease. She’s happily been living there for the past year and has loved carving out her new life in the nation’s capital. Keep reading to hear more about her new life in DC and favorite parts of Shaw.


Hi Delbria! Can you tell us more about what you love about Shaw?

This is my first time living in the city, but I absolutely love it! The area I live in is incredibly walkable and close to a lot of shops and stores. One of my favorite things to do is to walk to the Howard University campus and grab a coffee while browsing their bookstore and enjoying the scenery. My dad actually went to Howard, so when he came to visit me at my new apartment he was so excited! 

My job is also a major part of why I love living in this city. Although it can be overwhelming at times to oversee policy for a non-profit, it’s incredibly fulfilling and I love the impact I get to have. From reviewing policies, working on campaigns, to lobbying on Capitol Hill, I have the privilege of helping advocate for the minority youth in our country. 


How has your DC experience changed during quarantine?

The COVID shutdown in DC has been bearable because there are still a lot of great parks and outdoor food spots to explore. Malcolm X and Logan Circle Park have been my safe places during quarantine to relax with friends while keeping a safe distance. I also always recommend Morial Plaza for tacos and tequila on their outdoor patio or Shaw’s Tavern’s sidewalk seating for a fun time with friends. 

What’s your favorite part of your apartment at Common Richardson?

Sitting out in the back area of our apartment to read and enjoy the fall breeze has been one of my favorite things lately. The street is pretty quiet and I love having the space to relax in my room or outside and then also enjoy the company of my roommates. 

During quarantine, I really bonded with my roommates and it made my quarantine experience much more pleasant. We started ‘Roommate Sundays’ to intentionally spend more time together, and they’ve made my apartment feel more like a home than ever before!


Interested in what life could look like for you in DC?

We have stunning fully-furnished coliving apartments with utilities, household goods, weekly cleanings, and member events in the heart of the city. If you want to explore what your life could look like in the nation’s capital, check out our DC homes.

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