Meet a member: Andrew, a Seattle-based cancer researcher


After commuting four hours a day to get from Tacoma to his job in downtown Seattle, Andrew was desperate to move somewhere closer to his work. However, he wasn’t ready to pay the higher price tag of city living. Luckily, him and his partner found their home at studio at Common Terry in First Hill, Seattle! Now Andrew is able to walk to work while also taking advantage of the surrounding nature for outdoor adventures. Keep reading to learn more about what his life is like in Seattle and his favorite parts of the First Hill neighborhood. 

Hi Andrew! What do you love most about your studio at Common Terry?

When we were looking for a new place to call home, one thing was at the top of our list: location. After commuting for two-hours one way every day to get to work for a couple of years, I was definitely ready to be able to get some of that time back. Common Terry was a perfect fit for our needs–it was a quality apartment close to work and within our budget!

Now with the extra time I have back from a shorter commute, I’ve been able to focus more on exercising, resting, and even walking to work when the weather’s nice. I work in a cancer research lab, so especially as an essential worker, it’s been wonderful not having to deal with the issue of public transportation. Funnily enough, our studio is across the street from my job that I used to commute into Seattle for! I’ve met up with a few of my old coworkers simply because I can wave at them from our window. 

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Has anything surprised you about the Seattle community? 

Not necessarily a surprise, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of outpouring and support that has come from the community during the difficult times of 2020. The medical community is very active in my neighborhood; the white coat protests actually took place outside of my apartment! I also love that my coworkers are so involved in giving back to the community. Outside of their day jobs, they’ve gotten involved with volunteering at protests and gatherings to make sure everyone has the proper amount of masks and providing emergency medical services. 

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What do you love about Seattle and the First Hill area? 

Since I’m originally from Portland and then lived in the Tacoma area for about eight years, I’m very familiar with the Pacific Northwest. This area feels like home to me! Once I started working in downtown Seattle, I loved the equal access to a city and nature my new lifestyle offered. Contrary to what people assume, the rainy season here is blissful and there’re so many options for adventuring outdoors–the beach, mountains, or forest are all a short drive away! In my spare time, I enjoy getting into the mountains for a hike or staying in Seattle to game with friends. 

Specifically First Hill, it’s in an amazing location for access to the rest of Seattle. The neighborhood is on the outskirts of downtown Seattle and is walking distance to the center. It also has easy access to Capitol Hill, the waterfront, and multiple parks. A fun weekend activity my partner and I love is to walk over to the Washington Zoo and spend an afternoon there. 

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Ready to explore what living in a Seattle studio could look like for you?

We have a wide option of studios in the Seattle area with benefits such as furniture rentals, pet-friendly accommodations, and community events available! If you want to explore what your life could look like in the Pacific Northwest, check out our Seattle homes.

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