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The benefits of at-home IV therapy with ivee


We’re expanding in Philadelphia! With fully-furnished suites, all-inclusive utilities, household essentials, and an incredible location, we will have two new coliving buildings, as well as one building with completely private unfurnished apartments, open in the city of brotherly love by the beginning of next year. 

To celebrate, we set out to get to know some of our neighbors, and we quickly found that Philadelphia was filled with entrepreneurs passionate about cultivating accessible wellness within the PHL community and beyond: just like ivee.

IV therapy

ivee’s mission is to bring unprecedented accessibility and customer experience to the healthcare space. Their app empowers patients to order and receive health services from the comfort of their couch. ivee then matches patients to nurses instantly to receive care in as little as an hour from the time of booking. 

ivee’s CMO, Amber Theurer, spoke with us to explain the benefits of taking IV therapy at home, how their business expanded to offer COVID testing, and their presence in Philly and beyond. 

Hi Amber! How did ivee start? 

Ivee’s co-founders, Alex Zacney and LJ Troilo, met in high school and were catching up one day at brunch after both having just left their previous startups. As they were catching up, a third friend joined them who had just received IV therapy. He raved about how incredible he felt but was discouraged to try it again since the booking process had been terrible. At that moment, Alex and LJ realized that there were significant inefficiencies in the way that individuals book and receive not only IV therapy but most health services.

IV therapy

They left brunch and immediately began researching home healthcare solutions — to no surprise, barely any companies existed on a large scale. IV therapy was the perfect trojan horse to enter the market. Between Alex’s background in healthcare and LJ’s background in marketing and user acquisition, they both felt confident that they had a solid skillset to build upon. Only three weeks after their initial brain jam, the two wrapped up their pre-seed round, and ivee was born in March of 2019.

IV therapy

What exactly is IV therapy and what are the benefits? 

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) delivers hydration plus vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream. In short, nutrients bypass the digestive tract and are immediately absorbed by the body. This leads to close to 100% bioavailability, a rate much higher than ingestion of oral supplements. (Higher bioavailability = higher ability for benefits to be felt by the body). Patients report feeling immediately energized by treatment and can feel these benefits for up to 48 hours after their drip. 

IV therapy

How did ivee have to shift during the pandemic? 

ivee actually launched during the pandemic in July 2020! We kicked off with our initial service offering of IV therapy, and almost immediately following launch, we leveraged our distributed nurse team to offer high-volume COVID testing. This allowed individuals to easily access testing in areas where this was normally not possible, such as Philadelphia. 

Home healthcare has always been the name of our game. The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically pointed out the need for safe, in-home health solutions. We’re thrilled to be creating an entirely new way for patients to receive quality care, where and when it works for them.

How can people use IV therapy to practice wellness at home? 

There is a multitude of ways you can use IV therapy to up your at-home health habits. We recommend outlining your health goals and choosing a treatment frequency that helps you stay on track. Our team is happy to help answer any individualized questions you may have. 

These are some key goals that IV treatment can help you target from home:

  • A full-body reset 

In 2020, it’s been easy to make not-so-healthy diet choices or fail even to get the recommended amount of water in a day. Packed with hydration, vitamins, and minerals, IV therapy can help give you a total body reset, restoring vital nutrients while boosting H2O levels in the body. While providing rejuvenation, IV therapy also works to flush the body of toxins that could be slowing you down.

  • Workout recovery 

IV therapy can help you reach your workout goals faster by helping to speed up athletic recovery. Amino acids, in particular, help to decrease muscle loss and improve muscle repair. Hydration also helps replenish your muscles after getting your sweat on. 

  • Productivity

We get it…the WFH life isn’t always easy. On the days you’re feeling low, IV therapy can help provide an increase in energy quickly. Our favorite energy ingredient? Vitamin B12. This vitamin helps your body convert the food you consume into glucose, which could help increase energy and subsequently decrease fatigue. 

  • Immune support 

Featuring immune-boosting vitamins like Vitamin C and Zinc, IV therapy can help you to up your defenses. As a part of your usual routine, IV therapy can help you prevent illness while remaining a possible recovery modality if sickness does strike. 

  • Beauty & optimal aging 

If you’re looking to spice up your beauty routine, IV therapy can help. NAD+ is a powerful nutrient that can help enhance skin, increase energy levels, and even improve brain health. Vitamin C also helps boost collagen production, allowing you to up your glow! 

IV therapy

Tell us more about your COVID services in Philly!

We are offering COVID testing for businesses, residences, and schools with groups of 50 or more throughout the Greater Philadelphia area and New Jersey. We’re providing testing for various organizations and groups, ranging from the Save Philly Restaurant Coalition in Philadelphia to the City of Hoboken. 

Want to stay up to date with ivee? 

They currently offer wellness IV therapy and COVID testing in New York City, Long Island, Philadelphia, and Central and Northern New Jersey. Head to their website to book your drip or follow ivee on Instagram

P.S. ivee is offering $50 off exclusively to Common members. Be sure to use code “COMMON” when booking your drip! 

We have stunning traditional apartments and fully-furnished coliving apartments with utilities, household goods, weekly cleanings, and member events early next year! Head to our website to get put on our waitlist for our upcoming Philly homes and book a virtual or in-person tour with one of our leasing agents. 

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