Why two New Yorkers chose to move into a coliving suite during the pandemic


Moving apartments or even cities is complicated, especially during a pandemic. And while moving rarely comes to mind when thinking of fun weekend activities, the reality is that everyone has to do it. We interviewed two members in NYC who moved into a Common coliving suite during the pandemic to learn more about their experiences and give you some more clarity into the process! 

If you’re looking to move, take a deep breath and remember you aren’t alone. Keep reading to hear how Marcy and Brittany found a place to call home. 

“I chose Common because they made me feel confident that my last year in NYC wouldn’t be a headache…despite the fact I wasn’t able to stay in my old apartment with my old roommate. They truly took a lot of the guesswork out of my move.”

Marcy, NYU Student at Common Marcy

What was your experience like moving during the pandemic? 

To be honest, it was really difficult– I hadn’t originally planned on moving at all! As a fifth-year student at NYU studying biochemistry and religious studies on the pre-med track, most of my friends, including my previous roommate, graduated in May. My lease was ending in July, which was the same month I had finally been able to reschedule my MCAT after repeated cancellation of test dates. My old roommate had initially thought she’d be able to resign our lease for another year while she worked in NYC and I completed school, but her job in the theater industry fell through due to the pandemic. It was a perfect storm!


Since my family lives in New Mexico and Texas, I didn’t want any of them getting on a plane to come to help me and risk being exposed. Sadly, that meant that I had to rent a UHaul by myself and move completely alone. So there I was: three weeks out from taking the MCAT, moving out of my NYC apartment by myself with no help, and all during a global pandemic. Needless to say, July was not the most fun month of my life. 

Did moving into a coliving suite help overcome some of your moving fears? 

Personally, I think living alone as a 22-year-old is overrated, and coliving was definitely the best choice for me to help ease the challenge of moving during the pandemic! Especially right now, living alone sounds very lonely.

“I’ve personally found that the type of people who are attracted to coliving tend to be pretty agreeable and easy to live with. This isn’t to say my roommates and I became instant best friends, but we respect each other, and with cleaning and common items covered by Common, there just isn’t a lot to fight about.”

In addition, coliving with Common is cheaper for me than living alone for the quality of space I got access to, and I’m paying less rent than I was previously for a nicer apartment than most college students! My building has a rooftop with a grill, and I’ve completely taken advantage of it enough to become a total “grill-dad” this year. It’s been an unexpected perk of the whole situation. There’s no way I could have afforded a building with similar amenities otherwise. 

Also, the fact my suite at Common Marcy is furnished was a huge plus. The only furniture I brought with me was my desk and a bookshelf, which was perfect for me since I’m planning on moving after graduation in May. Since my family all live far away, I need to be prepared to get myself out of the city alone in case traveling still isn’t easy, and not having to worry about moving or selling furniture is a weight lifted off my shoulders.  


Why did you choose Common?

Common just takes a lot of work off of your plate and is very dependable. My rent covers my utilities, wifi, and household products in my apartment, so I don’t have to worry about splitting multiple bills with my roommates. Also, Common takes care of cleaning and restocking the shared spaces, which frees up my time to think about what I need to focus on in my personal life. 

“It’s nerve-racking trying to find a place let alone trying to do it only via photos and video, all the while never stepping into the place. I decided to go with Common instead of blindly getting a place off of a listing site because of my experience with the Common team.”

Brittany at Common Robinson

What was your experience like moving during the pandemic? 

Moving to Common Robinson during the pandemic was truly seamless. I didn’t experience any headaches or hiccups. I enjoy meeting new people, so the concept of coliving was very appealing to me. I wanted to explore what it was like to live with people less attached to my life. In the past, I’ve had great experiences living with friends, but I’ve also experienced how that can turn sour quickly!


Why did you choose Common?

At the beginning of March, right before the pandemic really hit NYC, I toured Common Baker. I was actually going to sign but held off because stores just started closing down! To be honest, the world felt like it was shutting down. In July, I reached back out to the leasing specialist I had toured with and told him I was ready to get a place. He was amazing! Instantly, he found two great options with large rooms for me within my price range.

It’s nerve-wracking trying to find a place let alone trying to do it only with digital photos and video, all the while never stepping into the place. I decided to go with Common instead of blindly getting a place off of a listing site because of my first experience with the Common team. After I saw one location with a Common team-member, I already had a trust built and seen Common’s quality apartments first-hand.


Looking for other ways to navigate moving during the pandemic? We can help! Check out Common’s all-inclusive, flexible, and community-focused coliving spaces on our website and book a virtual tour today. 

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