Meet a member: Vidhi, a nursing student in Chicago


When Vidhi moved from Michigan to Chicago for nursing school, she had no idea where she would live. Luckily, she found a home for her and her friends at Common Addams in an all-inclusive coliving suite where they don’t have to worry about anything except their studies and exploring the city. Keep reading to hear more about her life in Chicago and her recommendations for anyone thinking of moving to The Windy City.

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Why did you choose to live at Common Addams in Chicago?

When I was apartment searching online, I actually had no idea what coliving was! A few friends from my program at school and I were looking for an apartment to share, and Common seemed like the perfect fit. One thing I loved about Common was the flexibility the team gave me to match my 16-month accelerated nursing program. Normally, I would have to sign a lease for 2 years, but Common allowed me to sign a 16-month lease for a fully-furnished and all-inclusive unit close to school! It was perfect for what I needed.

Outside of the convenience and flexibility, I love that the building has a gym, rooftop, workspace, and other amenities we can enjoy outside of our suite. School is very busy, so it’s incredible to have all of these spaces to use in one location.

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What’s your day-to-day look like as a student in Chicago?

My journey as a nursing student has had many twists and turns! I originally started in dentistry for my bachelor’s, but soon realized I wanted to pursue nursing in my master’s or doctoral studies instead. Life as a student is incredibly busy with semester-long rotations and a lot of late-night studying, so I really enjoy the peaceful city views of Chicago on our rooftop or taking a long walk or bike ride into the downtown area of the city to unwind.

My favorite Chicago spots are definitely The Bean, Pizza Portofino, and the Riverwalk area with all of its cafes and restaurants.

Do you have any favorite quarantine hobbies?

I adore crafting! Although I don’t have much free time, I take advantage of Common’s virtual member classes whenever I get a chance. Recently, I signed up for a virtual macrame and weaving class with my roommates, and the Common team sent us all of the supplies we needed. It was the perfect roommate-night-in!

Tell us your best piece of advice for someone moving to Chicago.

My main piece of advice would be to just go with the flow. Coming to Chicago from Michigan was definitely a culture shock in many ways, but having an open mindset helped me adjust quickly. I found peace by exploring Chicago’s amazing green spaces scattered all around the city, and over time, I actually started to love the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. To keep things fresh, I keep a running list of new restaurants I want to try in the city that my friends and I can try whenever we have a free moment.

Some rapid-fire questions!

Favorite neighborhood: West Loop and River North! This area has the best restaurants and shops.

Dream celebrity roommate: This is hard to answer, but I would say Kylie Jenner. She seems like she would be a fun roommate!

Favorite local spot: Pizzeria Portofino

Go-to coffee shop drink: Chai Latte

Fill in the blank: “You can never have enough ____ when living in Chicago”: Nighttime city views

Ideal Friday night in Chicago: Normally, a night out with friends! But due to COVID, an ideal Friday night would be staying in, making some yummy food and drinks, and watching a movie.

I love being a student in Chicago because: It’s the perfect location for a study and life balance! I love being able to have things to do on most weekends and take a nice little break from school.

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Ready to explore what life at Common Addams could look like?

Whether you’re looking for a fully-furnished and all-inclusive coliving suite or a private studio, we have what you need in Chicago. Head to our website to book a virtual tour for Common Addams or your favorite Chicago buildings today.

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