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How to spend the day at Common Frankford


Over the past year, the shape of our days have changed dramatically. Our mornings have shifted from a commute on the subway to a commute to the living room, and after-work drinks have been replaced by Zoom calls or diving into the latest streaming sensation. Despite the monotony, many of us have found creative ways to add a bit of excitement into our days: baking bread, trying a new coffee shop, or taking online classes. Whatever our methods, we’ve found new ways to thrive while stuck inside. But what if your home wasn’t just a place you were stuck in? What if your home was a place that helped you grow, find peace, and have fun — even in trying times?

Introducing, Common Frankford. Our brand new Philadelphia coliving home in Fishtown was designed from the ground up in partnership with CANNOdesign, and features apartments and amenities crafted to make daily life easier and more enjoyable. Keep reading to explore a day in the life at Common Frankford, or head to our website to explore the space in 3D.

The best way to start your day

Good morning Philadelphia! You’ll start the day at Common Frankford with beautiful views of the city and neighborhood and plenty of natural light streaming through your apartment’s oversized windows. Roll up the shades and take it all in — views like this are always inspiring.

Common Frankford offers both all-inclusive coliving apartments and private studios. Our coliving apartments come fully-furnished, and each member gets their own private bedroom along with household essentials, free weekly cleanings, and utilities + WiFi included in their rent. While our private apartments are unfurnished and don’t include those game-changers for roommates like shared supplies, all apartments at Common Frankford feature oversized windows, brand new kitchens, and noteworthy design details, like custom finishes.

So make yourself a cup of coffee, take a shower, meditate, read — however you like to start your day, your apartment is an inspiring and comfortable place to do it.

Working from the library

Are you ready for a WFH refresh? If you’re used to working from your couch, your kitchen counter, or even your bed, you’ll be relieved to know that Common Frankford offers plenty of space outside your apartment designed for getting stuff done.

Head to the library to work at the communal table or get cozy on the couch or armchairs. This space’s natural light, cozy aesthetic, and free WiFi make it easy to be productive and create a sense of work/life balance in your day-to-day. For a bit of inspiration or just a break from screen time, peruse the bookshelves – they’re fully stocked with everything from novels to reference books and self-help guides.

If the weather permits, we also recommend taking advantage of the outdoor deck. Grab a chair, enjoy the sunshine, and take in the views of surrounding Philadelphia as you work.

Grabbing lunch nearby

One of our favorite parts about Common Frankford is actually right outside its doors: Fishtown. This Philadelphia neighborhood has everything you need, and is in the middle of Philadelphia’s dining and entertainment scene. For more information about Fishtown, check out our guide. For now let’s focus on one of the best meals of the day: lunch. You can of course make yourself lunch in your beautiful kitchen, but you also have the opportunity to treat yourself to some of the neighborhood’s best restaurants, only a few blocks away from Common Frankford. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Sancho Pistola’s
  • Love & Honey Fried Chicken
  • Standard Tap
  • Hajimaru
  • Elwood
  • Germantown Garden

Space to gather and create community

Once the work day is done, it’s time to unwind. Common Frankford offers plenty of space to destress, either alone with a glass of wine or a great meal, or with friends and other Common members.

The community lounge is our favorite get-together spot in the home. With a large comfy couch, a flat-screen TV, a television, comfortable armchairs, and a long communal table, the community lounge is ideal for game nights, watching an awards show, or bringing members together for everything from pumpkin carving to Friendsgiving. As a Common member, you can even create your own event in the Connect by app and get cash from Common to help host it. Free wine and cheese? Yes please.

The community lounge also opens up onto the 5th floor terrace, creating an Arch-Digest-worthy indoor-outdoor living situation.

Make your home at Common Frankford

Ready to revamp your days in Philly? Rent at Common Frankford starts at just $1,160/month. Head to our website to book a tour today!

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