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The best spots for working remotely in San Francisco


Well before the pandemic changed the way we work and live, remote work was already growing increasingly prevalent. Now, with fewer workers reporting to the office than ever, it seems that remote work has achieved critical mass. While working from the comfort of your home provides unparalleled convenience (working in pajamas? Yes please!) a change of scenery can boost morale and lead to an increase in productivity. The “coffeehouse effect” aims to describe this phenomenon, and many studies have been conducted to explain the undeniable link between productivity and working from coffee shops — or similarly popular remote work destinations.

San Francisco has long been one of the most prevalent cities for remote work, with many Silicon Valley giants now allowing staff to work remotely forever. Our San Francisco home, Common Powell is home to one of the city’s best spots for remote work its private, fully-furnished rooftop. It’s just one of San Francisco’s many perfect spots for working remotely, and while it might be our favorite, here are some other gems.

Verve Coffee


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In City Gardens’ neighboring district, Castro, Verve Coffee’s clean and crisp space makes for a prime remote work destination. The modern design is uplifting, and the sunlight that cascades through Verve’s large windows makes the already accommodating space feel even larger. Whether you prefer to chase your coffee with more coffee, or to take a break and fuel up with some food, Verve has you covered. Their nitro cold brew will keep your keyboard clacking for hours on end, and their truly delicious avocado toast will power you through any and all marathon sessions.

Golden Gate Park

On those perfect San Francisco days, wasting the sunshine indoors can feel downright criminal. If you’re itching to take your work station outside, Golden Gate Park has a few spots to choose from to level up your work-from-wherever game. Our favorite is the de Young Museum’s outdoor sculpture garden. Located at the center of the park, it’s a bit of a trek to get to, but the fresh air and inspiring art will make you want to stay the whole day. Wi-Fi is not guaranteed, so make sure you have your hotspot ready–or save this spot for when you have some work to do offline.

Daily Driver


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If you’re less concerned with a coffee shop’s pastel-painted walls and hipster soundtrack, then Daily Driver is sure to become your tried-and-true workflow hangout. The coffee is great, the food is even better, but what makes Daily Driver such a great place for remote work is its layout. A sea of tables are organized in a U-shaped array, lending a university library atmosphere to this coffee house. Does remote work make you miss being around other people that are also hard at work? If so, Daily Driver is your remedy.

Yerba Buena Gardens

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Not far from Common, Yerba Buena Gardens is, by far, SoMa’s best public outdoor space. Lush greenery, art installations, and man-made waterfalls lend an unparalleled serenity to the gardens, making it the perfect place for remote work if your ideal office is a peaceful one. Once your work is finished (or if you just need a break) lay out and soak up some California sun. Remote work can be pretty sweet!

San Francisco: Remote Work, U.S.A

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, it’s beginning to look like working remotely is here to stay. San Francisco is one of the best-equipped cities for remote work with its endless supply of laid-back coffee shops and calming outdoor spaces, but some cities are not as accommodating. Fortunately, many of Common’s homes offer spaces designed for remote work, creating a motivating atmosphere conducive to remote work in any city.

Common City Gardens is more than just its rooftop. With private rooms in coliving spaces and too many included amenities to count (like routine professional cleanings, high-speed WiFi, and even household essentials like hand soap and toilet paper), living at Common is one of the best ways to live and work in San Francisco. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Start exploring our communities in San Francisco, and discover how Common is creating homes for the future.

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