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i5 Union Market by Common is not your average rental — here’s why


What was your last rental apartment like? Were you paying an arm and a leg for a cramped bedroom and a stove that required magic powers and good luck to turn on? Maybe your last apartment was actually kind of dreamy, with nice light and the little extras that make a difference, like laundry or a dishwasher.

Either way, for those of us who have been renting for years, we know that even your best rental apartment might leave a lot to be desired. Enter, i5 Union Market by Common, a stunning coliving home in Washington D.C. with features that make even the prettiest apartment look lacking. Learn why below.

Working from home

The standard rental: Working from the couch
i5 Union Market by Common: Working from the coworking space

Remote work is on the rise. Whether you went fully-remote during the pandemic, or have always enjoyed the work from home lifestyle, there’s a chance that your work set-up isn’t up to par with what you could find at a traditional office. You might be working from your couch (or bed – no judgement!), or just finding that you miss having privacy on your Zoom calls, the endless office supplies, and the energy of productivity that comes from working with others.

Your average rental might have space for a desk if you’re lucky, but i5 Union Market by Common takes it a step further with a fully decked out coworking space. Featuring private conference rooms and plenty of seating, along with office supplies and free WiFi, i5 Union Market by Common’s coworking space will make it easier to be productive at work, and leaves your apartment for relaxing after a hard day at work. It doesn’t hurt that it’s designed to the nines, too.

Enjoying your time off

The standard rental: Mapping out your weekend routine with Google Maps
i5 Union Market by Common: Everything you need right outside your door

If you have to spend your Friday evenings outlining your Saturday errands for efficiency, we’d like to congratulate you on being so organized and let you know that those days are over. Instead of coordinating the best way to get your laundry done, hit the gym, grab coffee, go grocery shopping, and unwind with the least possible subway transfers, you’ll enjoy everything you need right outside your door at i5 Union Market by Common.

Alongside in-unit laundry and a fitness center, i5 Union Market by Common is located in the heart of Union Market, with Trader Joes, Orange Theory, SoulCycle, and Union Market’s global food hall less than a block away.

A night out

The standard rental: Spending next week’s budget on a few fancy drinks
i5 Union Market by Common: Spending Saturday night at the infinity pool

i5 Union Market by Common’s amenities aren’t just for working or working out, though — there’s plenty of space to unwind, meet new friends, and take in stunning views of the city. Instead of trying to find the best happy hour at a rooftop bar a $20 Uber ride away, why not head up to i5 Union Market by Common’s rooftop lounge, complete with indoor-outdoor seating, grills, and an infinity pool?

If you’re looking to meet new people or try out a new skill, open up Common’s Connect by app and explore the host of virtual events curated by our member experience team. You can RSVP to everything from paint and wine nights to pastry making workshops and fitness classes for free.

The roommate experience

The standard rental: Endless Venmo requests from your roommates
i5 Union Market by Common: An all-inclusive rent bill that splits essential costs for you

There’s nothing like a passive aggressive Venmo request for paper towels to add a little tension between even the friendliest of roommates. At your average rental, you might be splitting the cost of multiple bills with roommates: from rent and utilities to bathroom soap and toilet paper. While it seems simple enough, many of us know how annoying it can be to always be the one who restocks the dish soap, or has to follow up 3 times for a roommate’s share of the utility bill.

Luckily, coliving at Common takes care of the hassle for you. Your rent is all-inclusive of basics like WiFi and utilities, along with household essentials — everything from toilet paper to pots, pans, and utensils. With awkward conversations out of the way, you can focus on getting to know and maybe even becoming friends with your roommate.

What it will cost you

The standard rental: $1,800 for a Craigslist room, $2,189 for a studio
i5 Union Market by Common: $1,200 for everything above

If you want incredible amenities, fully-stocked household supplies, free weekly cleanings of shared spaces, and access to an incredible community, it will probably cost you major money in rent and incredible luck finding an apartment that offers everything with rent. If you want to replicate the i5 Union Market by Common lifestyle on your own, it could cost you upwards of $2,189, or you could move into i5 Union Market by Common and pay rent starting at only $1200.

Which one would you choose, your average rental or coliving at i5 Union Market by Common? Explore our website and book a tour to decide for yourself.

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