Budget swaps that will make your life in the city more enjoyable


Budget swaps that will make your life in the city more enjoyable


Moving to a new city can be expensive. From buying new furniture to monthly rent to household essentials, it can feel like you don’t have enough money to spend on yourself. Living in a city should be enjoyable, which means you shouldn’t have to check your bank account every time you make a purchase. That’s why we created this guide to show you how you can live in a new city without breaking the bank. Saving money and getting into the habit of smart spending doesn’t have to be hard. Keep reading to learn about some day-to-day budget swaps you can make.

Instead of: Buying coffee every morning
Try: Making locally roasted coffee at home

Sometimes, that morning cup of coffee is the only thing that can wake you up, but spending $6 for coffee every morning isn’t always affordable. Find a local coffee shop near your new abode and buy their coffee beans. Making coffee at home will save you a lot of money in the long run, and your wallet will thank you.

If you can’t kick your Starbucks obsession, we understand. Consider buying coffee in one of their reusable cups and become a part of the Starbucks Borrow a Cup Program. Not only will you help reduce plastic waste, but you get credit towards your next drink when you return the reusable cups at kiosks.

Instead of: Spending money on Uber
Try: Exploring the city by foot or Citi Bike

Make sure to check the weather app before you leave your apartment for the day. If the weather is nice and your destination isn’t too far away, try walking instead. You’ll learn more about your city while also getting some fresh air. Who knows, you might find some new, cool spots on your way.

In New York City, the average amount of money spent a month on Uber is $84/month. Add rush hour prices, last-minute cancellations, and lots of time sitting in traffic, Uber fees and frustrations add up quickly. If you’re looking for a quicker alternative to get to your destination, try renting a Citi Bike. A single ride is $3.50 for a 30-minute ride and is an extra $0.18 per minute.

Instead of: Shopping retail
Try: Discovering unique pieces at thrift stores

New cities often call for new wardrobes. Instead of dropping your paycheck on a few articles of clothing, go thrifting instead. Thrift shops are becoming more and more popular and have cool items you can’t find anywhere else. Plus the low number on the price tag is great too. Your style will be unique and you won’t be thinking about how much you spent either.

Instead of: Ordering food through Postmates
Try: Pick up food or try a local recipe

There are so many restaurants to try in a new city, but be careful, because those delivery fees can add up if you’re ordering through third-party apps. If you’re craving Italian food, take a walk to pick it up at that new spot a few blocks away, or try to recreate the dish at home!

Instead of: Taking months to find and furnish an apartment
Try: Moving into a Common coliving suite

When it comes to Common, we make moving to a new city easy. Whether it’s saving time shopping for a new side table or saving money buying toilet paper, we got your back. Common’s coliving suites are fully furnished and all-inclusive, so that means saving money every month on household essentials, laundry, WiFi, utilities, and more. Besides everything coliving has to offer, we also offer our members exclusive discounts to local businesses and access to community events.

By waking up in a furnished apartment, cooking in a kitchen that is stocked, and coming home to a clean apartment at the end of the day, you’re guaranteed to save money every month living at Common. Explore our homes and take a tour today!

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