How leasing manager Tilden Blair grew in his role during the pandemic


Meet Tilden, a leasing manager for Common’s New York City market. Although Tilden started his career at Common during the pandemic, he was welcomed by his colleagues and set up for success on day one. And by making connections and learning something new every day, he’s been able to become a leader on his team and further develop his role. Keep reading to learn more about Tilden’s experience at Common, and head to to learn more about our company, our values, and how you can join our team.

Hi Tilden! What does your day-to-day role at Common look like?

Every day can be a little different for me! I go through all our tour helds on a daily basis and look for trends on where we need to adapt pricing or concessions. I then track pacing for our New York market on our monthly goal and figure out solutions on how we can lease up homes faster. I also manage our leasing specialists in New York and make sure they have everything they need to properly tour our leads successfully.

Part of my role includes working with our portfolio managers to present tour data on our homes and ensure our owners/developers have all the information they need.

When we have new home openings in New York, I go onsite to tour the home and get all the sales and leasing notes together for our team.

What’s your favorite part about working at Common?

My favorite part about working at Common is the people! I’ve made great connections so far. I also enjoy being able to become a leader early in my career. I am constantly learning new things from the people around me and I am extremely grateful to be part of a team that pushes me and wants me to grow. I am always being challenged and it makes it more rewarding.

What was your first week at Common like?

I joined Common at the end of March 2020, right before the country shut down due to COVID-19. I was one of the first employees to start working completely remotely and I was nervous, but I was welcomed with open arms from my team and many other colleagues at Common. I have never been at a company that truly wants you to be successful from day one and it was a great feeling knowing that someone had my back from the first day.

What’s one surprising thing you’ve learned in your current role?

Every potential lead you work with is going to be different than the next and it makes every sale a unique challenge. We are constantly trying new things and our day-to-day is always a little different!

Some fun stuff:

Favorite hobby? Sports! I come from a family of lacrosse players, so naturally, I had to pick up the stick. My little brother plays college lacrosse, so watching him play on the weekends has been awesome! I enjoy playing/watching and this year I will be picking up coaching in Brooklyn for a youth team. Instead of playing, I’ll be teaching the next generation of lacrosse players!

Which city are you based in and what do you love about it? I’ve been living in New York City for 2 years now and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. During COVID it was impossible to experience NYC at its fullest, but since the city is starting to open up, you can feel the energy in the air! We are coming back! Besides the fast-paced environment that I love so much, there’s nothing like a bacon, egg, and cheese from a NYC deli/bodega. Nothing. It is the day-old grease and the love put together on a roll that I can call NYC my home.

Favorite place? Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I went there for the first time with my family and we have gone back almost every year! The beach, the people, the food! It’s a great place to visit and you won’t regret it. Pura Vida.

Favorite Common home and why? Common Marcy in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places to eat and go out, but the home itself has a beautiful design and a lot of space for activities. It has a rooftop and many of the suites have private balconies which is a huge perk in New York.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up but shortly realized that I faint at the sight of blood so it wasn’t going to be a practical option for me!

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