Meet a member: Kristen in Francisville, Philadelphia


While moving into an apartment during a pandemic can be challenging, Kristen was able to find Common and an apartment that she loves. We caught up with Kristen about her apartment search, her life in Philadelphia, and why she enjoys calling Common Civic her home.

Hi Kristen! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Philadelphia University’s architecture program in 2018 and I’ve been living in and around Philadelphia ever since. After graduating, all my friends and I moved directly into the city and I moved along with them. Ever since then, I got a bike and I enjoy biking around the city.

What’s your relationship with your roommates and why do you like coliving?

It was nice to find other people who were looking for roommates. We all get along really well, we hang out a lot on the weekends, and we like to cook dinner together. They’re a support system for me and if anything goes wrong, we all help each other out. When you live by yourself, you don’t get that. You’re always solving issues on your own and trying to figure things out by yourself, but having other people that you live with keep track of everything with you is the most helpful thing in the world.
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How did you find out about Common?

I have a small obsession with looking at new places in the city. Before finding Common, I usually would move once a year. I had heard about coliving and I did a Google search and that’s when I came across Common. There are a few other coliving companies in Philadelphia, but I liked Common the most.

How long have you been living at Common Civic? Why did you choose this home?

I’ve been living at Common Civic since May 2020. I was looking for a place to live before the pandemic and had applied right before COVID hit. I chose Common Civic because it’s in the perfect location. My friends live a couple of blocks away and the building and amenities are great, like the rooftop deck and the gym.

Common Civic is a really open, big building with a great social atmosphere, and living at Common allowed me to also make friends outside of the building in my community. There’s extra security in the building that other places wouldn’t give and the parking was a huge selling point for me and my roommates. The staff is also very friendly and everything about the home is really nice.

With so much to do in Philadelphia, what are some of your favorite things to do and see?

Since I moved to Francisville during the pandemic, I’ve only been able to explore the area during COVID, but right behind the building is a coffee shop called BOLD where I love to get my coffee from. The building is also close to Fairmount Park which is nice. A few of my friends work at Liberty Ground, a restaurant under Common Civic. They have really good beer and great appetizer options.

What does an ideal day in Philadelphia look like for you?

An ideal day in Philadelphia is going to Penn’s Landing and exploring the scene, hanging out in hammocks on the waterfront, or watching the orchestra. Penn’s Landing is nice year-round, no matter what the weather is. Then of course going to Delassandro’s for a Philly cheesesteak.

Name: Kristen Nadeau
City: Francisville, Philadelphia
Dream celebrity roommate: Kristen Bell. She’s so real and such a good person
You can never have enough ______ when living in Philadelphia: Cherry water ices from Rita’s!
Go-to coffee shop drink: Black coffee
Favorite neighborhood: Old City, it has nice architectural charm.
Favorite local spot: Eastern State Penitentiary, it has a park behind it and the landscaping is so pretty. It’s fun to walk around that area too.
Ideal Friday night in Francisville: I love to go down to Fairmount ave, it’s just outside of Francisville, and get dinner and some drinks at Fare on Friday nights.

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