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The 5 coolest Common perks in San Francisco


Due to its booming tech industry and closeness to Silicon Valley, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in America. With standard rent starting at $4,500/month, it can feel impossible to spend money on yourself. That’s where Common comes in.

Besides access to all-inclusive amenities, Common members also get perks to local and national brands. From discounted transportation to credit for food delivery, Common helps you save money on your favorite brands — making city living that much easier.

Wine and Design

What it is: Private and public paint and sip parties
What you get: Common members get 15% off classes

Located in Oakland, Wine and Design is the perfect place to have a drink and get creative. Classes are taught by local artists and everything from the canvas to the wine glass is provided. Wine and Design specializes in birthday parties, bridal showers, team bonding events, and bachelorette parties. Not to mention, it’s a great place to hang out and bond with your roommates.

Lyft Rentals

What it is: Ridesharing and car rental company
What you get: Common members get $40 in rideshare credit to get to and from their rentals

Getting from point A to point B has never been easier with Lyft. Whether you’re renting a car to take a day trip in the Bay Area or meeting up with friends at that trendy new restaurant in the Mission, you’ll save money on transportation when you live at Common.


What it is: Online business education platforms
What you get: Common members receive 20% off their membership

Brunchwork is a virtual or in-person program that gives you access to in-person workshops and online courses in business, teaching members about brand strategy, business concepts, revenue growth, and marketing and sales. Whether you work in tech in SoMA or you’re looking to open your own business in Point Richmond, Brunchwork makes getting your ​​Master of Business Administration attainable and affordable.

Club Feast

What it is: Meal delivery platform
What you get: Common members have access to pre-scheduled and discounted deliveries from local restaurants and $20 credit when signing up

For those nights where you don’t feel like cooking, Club Feast has your back. Order from your favorite restaurant for a last minute meal, or schedule your order in advance. Club Feast partners with your favorite local spots, so that one of a kind meal is in your future.

Contrology Studio

What it is: Inclusive classical Pilates studio
What you get: Common members get an Intro special (3 private sessions) for $225 and a free session added to 5 or 10 session packages

Looking to work up a sweat and stretch your muscles in San Francisco? Contrology Studio offers private and semi-private classical Pilates sessions. The benefits of Contrology include posture correction, injury prevention, improved body image, and better circulation.

Become a member

When you make Common your home, saving money on your favorite brands is at your fingertips. Our San Francisco homes offer private bedrooms in all-inclusive, furnished coliving suites for 20% less than a nearby studio.

Ready to make San Francisco your home? Explore our homes today.

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