How Member Support Specialist, Sammie Harkless, thrives in her role


Meet Sammie, a Member Support Specialist at Common. By showing up for members, pushing herself to learn more every day, and having support from her team, Sammie has been able to succeed in her role. Keep reading to learn more about Sammie’s experience at Common, and head to to learn more about our company, our values, and how you can join our team.

Hi Sammie! What’s your day-to-day like at Common?

My day consists of showing up for our members. I communicate with our members as their main source for help and answer any questions they may have. On a daily basis, I speak with our property services and leasing teams to make sure our members are properly taken care of!

My team is constantly brainstorming solutions to new problems, flagging old processes, and often making amendments to how we operate as we expand and change.

What’s your favorite part about working at Common?

My favorite part about working at Common is the challenge of a new day. As a fast-growing company, there is always something new rolling out while new members are rolling in. Every day is different as I’m handling new scenarios and digging for new information. There is always something to be learning, reading, researching, or familiarizing myself with.

I have an amazing team that I have leaned on every single day to get me to where I am — they’re always offering help and support to make sure we are all successful. I genuinely wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them. It helps when you have people rooting for you and a manager that is dedicated to making sure you are successful!

What’s one surprising thing you’ve learned in your current role?

I’ve learned more about my professional self in this role. It’s important to have time management down to a science as well as the ability to juggle many things pulling you in different directions while keeping your cool.

What was your first week at Common like?

It was full of really great people reaching out to me to check-in and make sure I was feeling set up for success and not too overwhelmed by the new transition! I couldn’t believe how caring everyone was as well as how much time they carved out in their days to help me learn. Many colleagues were willing to share advice that I hold dearly and used to get better at my job. Also, it was a bit of an information dump; I tried as hard as I could to soak up everything like a sponge. I logged off work with a smile on my face every day.

How has your role changed since you started?

My role has for the most part stayed the same. I am here to help our members solve problems. What has changed immensely is the scope of work and the cases we touch as we acquire new homes every few weeks. The recent Starcity acquisition has led to a lot of change in processes which, in this role, you can always count on.

Some fun stuff!

Favorite hobby? Composting and writing

Which city are you based in and what do you love about it? I am based in Atlanta! I fell in love with The Beltline – it makes the city accessible by foot (my preferred method of travel) and connects me to so many cool neighborhoods!

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an adult when I grew up (still working on that).

Your favorite team outing/bonding activity (a virtual hang out counts)? We had team members from New York come to the Atlanta office for a few days and I had a great time hanging out after work while grabbing food and drinks! It felt great to be around the people that I show up to work with every day but don’t talk to on a regular basis. As a new employee, this was a great opportunity to meet people and put names to faces!

Favorite place? Physical is London, England (I studied abroad there) Metaphysical is the dream world (I love to write in my dream journal)

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