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How Parco is Using Design to Build Community in National City


From the tiny details of your home to the city that you love, design has the power to impact your everyday experience for the better. At Common at Parco, our first San Diego building located in National City, great design means more than just pretty spaces – it facilitates connections, bolsters the local economy, and makes it easier than ever for renters to call vibrant National City their home.

We spoke to Andrew Malick, Founder and CEO of Malick Infill Development and our partner at Parco, about the inspiration behind this innovative building and how it will impact the surrounding community.

Hi Andrew! Please introduce yourself and Malick Infill Development. Can you tell us more about your company’s mission?

My background is in construction and engineering, but I went back to school to study urban design because I was interested in walkable cities like those found across Europe. I wanted to understand why we don’t have more pedestrian friendly cities in the USA. Walkable urban places are healthier both mentally and physically for people and they are far better for the environment. I ended up in development because I am not patient enough to be a city planner. Planning documents can take years to implement. I want to see the places built that I imagine.

My companies’ mission is to create places that allow for a happy and healthy quality of life for our tenants and neighbors. We want to play a part in building great neighborhoods, places where people want to live and can feel connected to the community around them. We look for neighborhoods that have an authentic sense of place — where you can walk to shops and restaurants and have easy access to recreation — and then look for ways we can enhance these neighborhoods with even more vitality.

What does a successful project look like to you and your team, and how will Common at Parco reflect that?

Success will be achieved if our tenants are proud to be members of the Parco community. We want to create a place that people don’t want to leave, because they would be leaving their friends and good memories.

Common at Parco will feature both residential and public spaces, like storefronts for local businesses. Why is it important to include diverse spaces at Parco and how will it impact the community?

For our residents, the ground floor restaurant and retail spaces will bring convenience — just walk downstairs and you have immediate access to your daily needs including food, drinks, and other services. If you want a place to work from home, but not be at home, we have small office spaces available that you can rent. The commercial spaces that we offer are small-scale, making them accessible to local businesses who are just getting their start with a brick-and-mortar location. And overall, the spaces working together will create a hub of activity to bring more energy to downtown at all times of the day and evening.

Downtown National City is experiencing an exciting wave of revitalization. How does Common at Parco fit into this surge of interest in the area?

Downtown National City has most of the building blocks of a great urban neighborhood but lacks enough people to truly have a self-sustaining economy. We want to accelerate and enhance what already exists. We are excited to bring more residents to downtown, at a scale that will make an impact.

Common at Parco will offer a wide variety of unit types, including all-inclusive coliving suites and furnished studios. Can you tell us more about the decision to include coliving, a relatively new unit class for San Diego, in the building?

Coliving is a great option for many people. You get a quality, amenitized living space at a more attainable price point than living alone. It’s also a great way to create lasting meaningful relationships. The idea of coliving as a way of building community fits perfectly with how Parco is envisioned, with curated events and casual ways to meet your neighbors.

Common at Parco opens in September 2021! Learn more about the building and National City on our website, and be the first to know when tours are available by joining our waitlist. To learn more about how Common works with partners to operate innovative communities, visit our Real Estate Partners page.

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