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Living in St. Petersburg, FL: A Complete Guide


If Florida is the “Sunshine State,” then St. Petersburg is the “Sunshine City.” Boasting the title of municipality with the most consecutive sunny days in the US, St. Pete has grown to be the second-largest city in the Tampa Bay area.

If you’re looking to live in St. Petersburg, FL, you’ll want to understand the ins and outs of the city before you make your move. This guide will walk you through life in “The Burg,” with breakdowns of the cost of living, a tour of the neighborhoods, and an overview of the bay area.1

The Cost of Living

Despite being close to a shoreline with countless natural reservations and entertainment experiences, St. Pete ends up being a fairly affordable city (with 7% fewer costs than the national average).2 Compared to other urban centers in the country, the city is less expensive on average—and since it’s in Florida, you won’t have to pay income tax.

Wondering how the math shakes out? Here’s a breakdown of the main expenses you can expect when living in the city:3

  • Housing – Housing is one of the main perks of living in the area. St. Petersburg has attainable housing, 29% less than the national average. The median home price in the area is around $245k, while the median monthly rent is $769.
  • Utilities – Thanks in part to the need for air conditioning, utility prices in Florida tend to be higher than in the rest of the nation. You can expect to pay around $195 a month for your energy bill.
  • Transportation – One of the perks of St. Petersburg is extensive transit that is 100% sustainable. Even with electric buses, the rates are only 6% higher than the rest of the nation. However, you might want to consider a car to avoid walking too far during the balmy Florida summers.
  • Groceries – The city’s grocery prices are the same as the national average. But if you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can take advantage of the local outdoor markets.
  • Healthcare – Florida’s healthcare tends to cost more than in the rest of the nation. However, in St. Pete, healthcare is actually 2% more affordable than the mean cost, averaging around $108.83 for each doctor’s visit.


You’ll find plenty of trendy, young neighborhoods to explore and things to do in St. Petersburg. While Florida tends towards an older population, a thriving job market with fortune 500 companies has flooded the area with young professionals looking to settle into the Gulf area.

Today, St. Petersburg contains a mix of art districts, historical centers, natural splendor, business centers, and a bustling downtown area. With something for everyone, you’re guaranteed to find your place to nest near some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Wondering what the neighborhoods are like? Take a look at this quick summary of some of the nearby communities to find which one speaks to you:

Historic Kenwood

Just a mile west from Downtown St. Pete, this historic district contains numerous bungalows in the center of a thriving arts neighborhood. The area is known for the theaters, dining, and local events, including an art walk and “Bungalowfest.” Kenwood trends towards younger individuals, so you’ll also find nightlife near the main avenue.

If you’re considering this neighborhood, know that the average monthly rental starts at around $2,400 for a 1,100 square foot apartment.

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Jungle Prada

About 15 minutes from downtown, this neighborhood contains natural greenspaces, brick walkways, and tropical trees.

Wanting a community in the midst of Florida’s wildlife? Then this might be the spot for you. It also boasts some interesting history:

  • The former Jungle Prada Hotel—now a private school—once hosted Babe Ruth and Al Capone.
  • The community contains one of the most well-preserved indigenous sites in the state.
  • Over 70 peacocks live in the community.

Before you start looking into the neighborhood, keep in mind that home prices have begun to rise in previous years. 

Greater Pinellas Point

Reaching down into the southernmost neighborhood in the city, Greater Pinellas Point has everything from mid-range homes to multi-million dollar mansions. The neighborhood is just south of downtown and features great views of the bay.

Check out some of the nearby parks in the area to enjoy what the community has to offer:

  • Bay Vista Park
  • Lake Vista Park
  • Maximo Park

One important thing to note about Pinellas Point is that there is little public transit, meaning you’ll need a car to get around.


The weather in St. Pete is usually fairly consistent. On average, you can expect 361 days of sunshine a year, which means no more having to worry if it’s going to rain on your designated beach day!

The temperature in the region has warm summers and mild winters. You’ll never have to deal with snowfall—the winters rarely drop below 50 degrees. In the summers, you can expect the temperature to reach the low 90s at the utmost.

Although St. Pete is generally sunny, Florida summers are prone to quick and frequent rains, especially during hurricane season. You’ll want to be umbrella-ready in July through August for bouts of rain and storms.2

Things to Do

With Tampa Bay so close by and any number of beaches and gardens to visit, you’ll rarely find yourself running out of things to do in the city. And if you’re a dog person, you’ll be able to take your pooch throughout the city. Some of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL—like the Sweet Sage Cafe—offer second menus for just your pet. 

Sports and Recreation

Just across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay has several professional teams and stadiums for fans to spectate. Here’s a list of the teams in the nearby area:4

  • Tampa Bay Rays (Major League Baseball)
  • Tampa Bay Rowdies (National American Soccer League)
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (National Football League)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (National Hockey League)

Or, if you’d rather try some recreational activities yourself, St. Pete has the following list of recreational sites and facilities:4

  • 3 award-winning golf courses
  • 9 public pools
  • 60 tennis courts (lighted)
  • 25 pickleball courts
  • 6 dog parks
  • 3 skateboard parks
  • 1 frisbee golf course
  • A famous shuffleboard center
  • A large network of nature trails to explore

If the idea of nature trails piques your interest, check out the Pinellas Trail. This multi-use trail stretches for 54 miles along the coast and is perfect for walking, biking, jogging, or skating.

Art and Museums

Is art more your speed? The area also has several museums and galleries. Here are just a few of the most famous museums in the region:5

  • The Salvador Dalí Museum showcases the world’s largest collection of Dalí’s art alongside exhibitions from other surrealists.
  • St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts is located on the waterfront and has regular rotating galleries with nationally-recognized visiting artists.
  • The Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum features the history of the Black community in the area, showcasing arts and historical exhibitions that uplift social justice.6

Food and Dining

While it’s not considered one of the food capitals of the East Coast, St. Pete’s food scene delightfully flies under the radar, hosting a prominent restaurant scene with emerging and trendy flavors. 

The following are just a few of the go-to destinations for the area:2

  • The Mill – Voted as one of the best new restaurants in Florida, the Mill has great brunch options to taste, including the Sausage and Waffle Benny and the Fluffer Nutter French Toast.
  • Sea Salt – Considered to be the best seafood spot in the city, Sea Salt is located downtown and features Venetian-inspired seafood and a 22-foot tall wine cellar. Try the Faroe Island Salmon or Atlantic Black Grouper for some fresh coastal cuisine.
  • Engine No. 9 – Hungry for burgers? Engine No. 9 is located in St. Pete’s Edge District and focuses on making mouth-watering burgers with a variety of flavors. Take a bite out of the One Bad Pig burger or the Saganaki Burger.
  • Uncle Andy’s Ice Cream Parlor – Inside of the famously pink Don CeSar hotel on St. Pete Beach, Uncle Andy’s serves local, homemade ice cream. Try their classic sundaes or banana splits. They also serve breakfast goodies in the morning, so head there for a sweet start to your day.7

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