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How to spend your first day in West Seventh


First settled in 1838 and with the area’s industrial roots tracing back to 1843, the West Seventh area of Saint Paul is rich with Minnesota history. Through extensive preservation efforts, the buildings in West Seventh — some of the state’s oldest — have been kept alive, tethering the past to the future. 

Old and new blend seamlessly in the West Seventh neighborhood, as many of Saint Paul’s oldest structures neighbor some of its newest. This unique mix of past, present, and future has led so many to the neighborhood — including us! Our first Saint Paul home, ALVERA by Common offers a modern living experience in the heart of this historic neighborhood; and competitive rates starting at $979/month partnered with amenities like a furnished rooftop, in-suite laundry, parking, a game room, and a lounge make ALVERA by Common one of the best housing options in Saint Paul. 

Now that you’ve found the perfect place to live in the neighborhood, here’s how to spend your first day in West Seventh

Sunrise salutation

Whether you’re an aspiring yogi, a Pilates practitioner, a weightlifter or a relentless runner, ALVERA by Common’s fitness center is the perfect place to start your day. After a spirited sweat, swing by Cafe Astoria to fuel up on a Bee Sting (one of their signature drinks, much less painful than it sounds!) and a smoothie bowl before taking in the sights in the nearby Irvine Park Historic District. Housing some of Saint Paul’s oldest (and grandest) homes, the district is just a short walk from Cafe Astoria and well worth the visit. 

Best, wurst afternoon ever! 

After getting some energy from Cafe Astoria and inspiration from the homes of Irvine Park, head back to ALVERA by Common and make the most of the amenities! If you’re feeling productive, start a load of laundry before heading to the lounge to get some work done (or make some new friends!). As a reward for being so productive, head to Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery for a local pint, a pretzel, and — most importantly — a signature wurst. Waldmann Brewery is just a five-minute walk from ALVERA by Common, meaning it will undoubtedly become one of your go-to feel-good spots. 

The sun sets in the West (Seventh) 

Once you’ve got a beer and a bratwurst in your belly, you can check out the neighboring Bad Weather Brewing Company or enjoy the last few hours of Saint Paul sunlight strolling West Seventh. Pop in to Style Society for a curated array of vintage, (note: they close at 5 PM) or peruse some outdoorsy-inspired wares at Scout. Once you’ve found some goodies to personalize your new place, saunter back to Irvine Park and plant yourself in front of the park’s historic fountain for some people watching while you watch the sun set on West Seventh. 

The day’s not over, yet! 

As the sun goes down, you’ve got some choices to make! Do you want to spend your evening unwinding back at ALVERA by Common with a bottle of wine from Keg and Case? Or maybe enjoying a slice or two (or three) from Cosetta? If you’re thinking “why not both?” then we are definitely going to be friends. However you choose to spend your first evening in West Seventh, it’s bound to be a great one. 

Your first day in West Seventh awaits! 

If this day seems too perfect to be true: it isn’t. In fact, this incredible day (and many others like it) await for those ready to call Saint Paul home. So what are you waiting for? Take a virtual tour of ALVERA by Common, see how great life in Saint Paul can be, and start planning your first day in West Seventh

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