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How to spend a day in Downtown St. Petersburg for any type of resident


St. Petersburg, Florida — known as “The Sunshine City” for its 361 days of annual sunshine —  is considered by many to be the cultural capital of Southwest Florida. St. Pete’s miles (and miles) of picturesque shoreline also make it a prime destination for beach-goers and boaters, and its many waterways contribute to the city’s incredible biodiversity. In essence: St. Petersburg has a lot going for it. 

Downtown St. Pete manages to squeeze all of what makes St. Petersburg so liveable into a handful of city blocks, resulting in a downtown area that also serves as a welcoming home for just about anybody. Our Downtown St. Petersburg home, The Wayland by Common, makes living in St. Pete even better with rates for studios starting at $1,498/month — with included amenities like a pool, on-site laundry, a coworking space, and dedicated parking sweetening the deal. Living at The Wayland by Common puts you in close proximity to both the Waterfront Arts District as well as the Central Arts District, meaning all of St. Pete’s best is at your fingertips. 
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Whether you’re a beachcomber, an aspiring art critic, or a wannabe food-fluencer, the perfect day in Downtown St. Petersburg awaits. So, without further adieu, here are some perfect St. Pete days for any type of resident. 

The Beach Bum

If, for you, life is truly better by the water, then you’ll love Downtown St. Pete. Start your morning at Paradeco Coffee Roasters just a short walk from St. Pete Pier, and get caffeinated while you soak in the salty sea air on a stroll through South Straub Park. Stay by the water and head to the scenic (and sandy) 11th Avenue Pier and soak up some early afternoon rays. If you’re like us, tanning works up quite the appetite, so stop for a quick bite at Bodega on Central before heading back to The Wayland by Common. After digesting your delicious Cuban sandwich (and applying another layer of sunscreen), spend golden hour enjoying a leisurely dip in your pool and prepare for a lovely night in. 

The Art Snob

Are you an aspiring art critic? In Downtown St. Petersburg, you’re far from the only one. In fact, legendary surrealist Salvador Dalí’s most prominent patrons called St. Pete home, and their collection now makes up the massive Salvador Dalí Museum. It’s not difficult to lose a day in the museum, so grab coffee and breakfast from Kahwa Coffee on your five-minute drive to the Dalí. After dissecting The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory for potentially too long, head to Lingr for a surreally delicious combination of Norwegian and Cantonese cuisines. After an inspired meal and a tasty cocktail (or two), make your way back to The Wayland by Common — just a couple blocks away. 

The Aspiring Food-fluencer

A hub for the arts, a beachside paradise, and a legitimate foodie destination? Downtown St. Pete is seriously the neighborhood that has it all. For those looking to spend the day exploring all of St. Pete’s best culinary options, here’s how we would do it. Start the day with some impossibly flaky biscuits and a maple vanilla bean latte at Maple Street Biscuit Company and — if you can resist slipping into a food coma — check out the renowned Chihuly Collection after. Walk just around the corner back to The Wayland by Common and chill out at the lounge (or burn off breakfast at the fitness center) before getting ready for dinner in the nearby The Edge district. Whether you’re in the mood for ceviche at Red Mesa Cercado or some elevated barbecue at Dr. BBQ, St. Petersburg is where all your foodie dreams come true. 

Ready for your next best day ever? 

Whether you’re artsy, beachy, or hungry, living at The Wayland by Common means good days are in no short supply. Start exploring our Downtown St. Petersburg home and get ready to plan your first day in this sun-soaked paradise!

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