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Why we’re excited about St. Paul (even in the winter)


Who are your favorite famous twins? It’s not an easy question. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson might come to mind for many Full House fans — or high-fashion heads more familiar with their über luxe label The Row. Then there’s the Sprouse brothers, who might resonate more deeply with young millennials and members of Gen-Z. But long before either of these sets of twins were on anyone’s radar (like almost 200 years before) there was one set of famous twins: Minneapolis-St. Paul, AKA the Twin Cities. 

While Minneapolis might be the twin that gets all the shine (Prince was born there, we get it!), St. Paul is our favorite of the Twin Cities. To prove it, we’ve chosen St. Paul as the site of our first Minnesota home: ALVERA by Common. And we could not be more excited! ALVERA by Common marks our entrance into the Minnesota market, and we are thrilled to welcome Minnesotans into our family. Plus, the home is pretty sweet. With beautiful studios starting at $881/month and included amenities like a furnished rooftop, a state-of-the-art fitness center, dedicated parking, and a game room, ALVERA by Common is one of the best ways to live in St. Paul

There are so many reasons we are excited for our St. Paul home — yes, even in the winter — and these are just a few of them!

Holy history!

As an OG twin — and one of the oldest cities in Minnesota — the city of St. Paul has a rich history. Though St. Paul’s first Native American inhabitants built mounds in the region nearly 2000 years ago, 1849-1860 saw the newly settled St. Paul’s population skyrocket from 900 to 10,000. French, Jewish, and Irish settlers helped shape the capital city into what it is today, and much of the city’s beautiful Victorian and classical architecture is owed to this era. Today, St. Paul’s past blends seamlessly with its present, and we’re excited to be a part of shaping its future.

Big city, small town

St. Paul is often referred to as a “great, big, small town,” for the way the city combines big city perks with small-town vibes. St. Paul is home to several highly-walkable neighborhoods, including the West Seventh neighborhood that houses ALVERA by Common, but does not sacrifice big city amenities in the slightest. Local shopping districts like Grand Street blend hole-in-the-wall restaurants and independent booksellers with big-name retailers like Anthropologie, but shopping mecca Mall of America is only a 15-minute drive from ALVERA by Common when you need your fix. We love cities that seamlessly blend small-town sensibilities with big city perks, and St. Paul is a perfect meld of the two. 

Gateway to anywhere

While our goal is for members to feel perfectly at home with Common, our flexible leases encourage those who are on-the-go. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is only a short drive from ALVERA by Common, meaning your gateway to the rest of the world is there when you need it — without being too close. Should you need a reprieve from winter in St. Paul, both Los Angeles and Miami are under a four-hour plane ride away. Want to stay in the Midwest? Chicago and Des Moines are a single episode of Euphoria away by plane. Odds are that living at ALVERA by Common will make you never want to leave St. Paul, but when you do: you’ve got options! 

Set sail for St. Paul!

There’s a lot to this river-city-meets-small-town-meets-major-metropolitan, and the best way to really get to know St. Paul is by becoming a member at ALVERA by Common! We are beyond thrilled to welcome new members into our St. Paul home, and we’re positive you’ll end up loving this Midwest gem as much as we do. 

Ready to get to know this famous twin? Start by exploring ALVERA by Common and the West Seventh neighborhood, and see how great life in the Twin Cities can be.

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